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What type of green tea cleans out your colon?

I’ve heard that green tea cleans your colon out, and helps flush your system, but what kind of green tea? The bottled kind? Or tea bags? Can you add sugar or cinnamon, or does that make it ineffective? What other foods will help?

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6 Responses to “What type of green tea cleans out your colon?”

  1. jaye said :

    diet green tea (teabags)

    usually in asian stores, but it gives real bad cramps and pain

  2. becks16 said :

    chammomile if you add stuff it’s ok as long as it’s not fiber

  3. Gun Toting Survivalist said :

    Try apple cider vinegar. Just make sure it’s the all natural stuff from the health food store that still has the apple pulp in it and not the stuff from the grocery store. Just a tablespoon in a small glass of water a couple times a day.

  4. onlymatch4u said :

    Green tea is no different that any other food. If it is grown in good fertile soil and processed in the proper way, it can be very good for you. The Japanese drink approximately 22 cups of green tea each day. There are a few problems with green tea. It contains lots of fluoride. This depletes the body of iodine. The Japanese people eat lots of sea weed, fish, and sea vegetables that are high in iodine that compensates for this issue. Green tea also contains lots of caffeine. This causes you to have problems with your adrenal glands due to the high cortisol it generates.

    The bag green tea, bottled green tea are all radiated or pasteurized and this ruins the biological activity and makes it not that good for you. A good green tea is to find pure green tea that is fresh from a Japanese grocer and then make it fresh.

    I have found one company that makes a green tea extract that uses a very unique process of using probiotics to remove the caffeine and fluoride, leaving the concentrated form of the pure ingredients that give you all the benefits. 1 teaspoon of this is equal to about 20 cups of green tea. By mixing pure water with it, you have the best of all worlds. You can purchase this on line at: (800) 370 – 3447. They are in Texas and can ship to you.

    Adding sugar to the tea is just not a good thing to do. It doesn’t affect the tea itself, but does affect your body. Adding cinnamon can be a benefit to you if the cinnamon is pure.

    Green tea in the form I suggest, will help protect you from radiation in the environment and has a very good effect on many organs in the body, but it will NOT clean out your colon.

    good luck to you

  5. Luv'n'War said :

    Green tea! Drink it hot with honey!

  6. Don J said :

    Green tea is very good for you. It is good to use honey as a sweetener. The green tea bags are the best. You can go to your local store or organic store and look for a pure version. It helps circulation. Cinnamon in its pure state is good for you. Many times it takes an extra source to clean your colon. I saw several at the local health food store and I read about this one online.


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