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What ways do you cook chicken for your toddler, recipes would?

be great. I’m a vegetarian mom trying to incorporate some healthly chicken recipes into my sons diet. He’s 17 mths old. I’m not looking for anything calling for breaded chicken or nuggets.

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8 Responses to “What ways do you cook chicken for your toddler, recipes would?”

  1. jlhpisces said :

    You can do poached chicken breast “fingers” with a sauce to dip them. Easy to pick up and yummy!

  2. Sarah said :

    My daughter really loved when I made chicken for her at that age. I just cut all the fat off of boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut them into small strips (maybe 1/2″ wide across the length of the breast), and bake them in the oven or cook them in a skillet with olive oil spray to prevent them from sticking. They turn out soft enough to chew easily, but firm enough to not be gross. I add them to salads or eat them alone for a snack. Hope you try it and your baby likes it as much as mine did!

  3. pikzzi said :

    my son likes it when i cut up the chicken in cubes and sautee them in a little bit of butter (or olive oil) and a little bit of garlic salt.
    he also likes chicken in rice mixed up
    or chicken and noodle

  4. thisaintall07 said :

    Chicken is about the only thing my grandson will eat so we’ve tried it several ways.Most of the time I will just saute it in a skillet with olive oil, no breading. You can make him somee easy chicken and rice by boiling a chicken breast with some celery, onion and som mild herbs, discarding the celery and onion when chicken is cooked and using the broth and cut up chicken to cook the rice in. You could also make him some chicken and noodles. After boiling the chicken, cut it up, cook noodles in broth, drain, add some Healthy Choice Mushroom soup to the drained noodles, add the chicken.

  5. browningsnursery said :

    Chicken soup using free-range organic broth as a base, I like to put a little lime juice for salt in with veggies and noodles. he loves it and so do I.

    Sometimes I boil or grill a chicken breast, cut it up in small squares and give him barbeque or ketchup for dipping.
    I use this method for many forms of serving chicken. Sometimes I give a plate of chicken with cheese squares, pickles or olives, cucumbers or salad, ect.. I try to make sure he eats green veggies, with his protein and go light on the carbs other than fruit or grains.

  6. luvmyboyz said :

    My 18 month old loves when i boil chicken with garlic and shredd it up for him. I mix the shredded chicken with a can of cream of Chicken soup.. mix in some peas and carrots with it yummy!!

  7. vicki_gainesville said :

    there are already some really good ideas here and we have tried similar versions of most of them. Chicken is actually pretty easy to cook and season. But if you over cook it, it can be very rubbery.

    Trial and error will probably be your best bet. My kids like for me to bake it with a little season and sometimes I add some cream of chicken, or cream of mushroom soup to make a healthy gravy for it. Then I serve it in small pieces over rice or mashed potatoes.

  8. In love with said :

    I use the boneless skinless chicken breasts or the strips you can buy for stir frying. I rinse them off in cold water and put them on a baking sheet already coated in olive oil cooking spray (no calories or fat). Cut the chicken into easily manageable pieces. I use a grater and any citrus fruit. I have used lemons. oranges and grapefruits. I grate some of the zest over the chicken. A pinch of salt and pepper. A drizzle of olive oil (it is a healthy fat). mix around. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. It is sweet and healthy. My daughter loves it. Sometimes I’ll squeeze a bit of the juice over it when it comes out.

    Also, try a stir fry… Put in some of your tots favorite vegetables. A tiny bit of your favorite flavoring (teriaki sauce, Worcestershire, bar b Q, chicken broth or my favorite of course in citrus juice). Very healthy and fun to eat…

    Good luck. toddlers are a challenge to feed sometimes.


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