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Where can I find easy recipes?

I am not a very good cook, but I would like to expand my diet. Any easy recipes or resources to find good recipes would be great.
I am open to anything 🙂

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10 Responses to “Where can I find easy recipes?”

  1. skw33240 said:

    heres a good source

    check out the italian nachos recipe

  2. Mountian_Baby said:

    We couod help you more if we knew what you already eat on a regualr basis.

  3. ~Rockerchik~ said:

    i think its called
    I use it all the time and get little 20 minute recipes!
    its great for kids food adn snacks too!

  4. Dottie R said: has lots of recipes – from easy to a little more difficult. Don’t forget you don’t have to use their namebrands for ingredients. also has lots of recipes. It’s the Better Homes & Gardens website.

    Or go to your local library and check out a cookbook or 2 or 3. Once you find one you really like, go to the bookstore and buy the book so you’ll always have it for reference.

  5. Butterfly2Kiss said:

  6. VERNA said:

    I like “5 Ingredients or Less” cookbooks and recipes. Also “3 Ingredients” cookbooks. You’d be surprised at how good a plain and simple recipe can be… you don’t have to add 30 something extra ingredients to a recipe to make it delicious. Just basic salt and pepper plus one very special herb or spice can really make a dish zing, but you have to experiment to please your taste buds and discover what your favorite seasonings are for certain dishes. No one else can do that for you, only your own taste buds know what they like. lol

  7. YoYo Semza said:

    there is this book you can buy called ‘4 ingredients’. it is really easy cause you only need 4 ingredients

  8. Martibee said:
    and get the Better Homes and Gardens New CookBook from library. If you like it, buy a copy.
    It’s an easy cookbook full of uncomplicated recipes everyone loves.
    The best cooks are the ones who stick to simple recipes, and learn to be creative with basic ingredients. Don’t tell yourself you’re not a very good cook. Tell yourself “I am in the process of learning to be a terrific cook.” One day you will be.

  9. Kanita Wa said:

    try this book

  10. ♡☜Amy☞♡ said:

    try ^-^


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