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What easy recipes can I make using marshmallows?

I have loads of marshmallows in my house and I need some easy recipes, like, what can I make with them?

I don’t really want to bake anything and I only have simple ingredients,
Eggs,milk,Vanilla extract, honey, ice cream ETC..

Any super easy desserts I can make without baking?

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4 Responses to “What easy recipes can I make using marshmallows?”

  1. TygrHawk said :

    Rice Krispie treats.

  2. misslady233 said :

    do you have rice krispies and butter, make rice krispie treats

  3. ruth4526 said :

    put a few drops of milk over the marshmallows ,melt and serve on ice cream, if you have bread and peanut butter,put some marsh. on for a sandwich. toast them over the stove. heat the milk about one cup, once heated stir in enough marshmallows to make it thick ad a 1/2 tsp of vanilla and you will have vanilla fudge. If I knew what ETC you have I could probably tell you more.

  4. Chic said :

    Rice Krispie Treats…yummy in my tummy


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