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which green tea products actually have the ingredients to be helpful? which one is the best?

There are now multiple products in the market labeled as containing green tea, by itself and with many combinations.
Which commercial teas actually have the ingredients necessary to give the results expected? which ones are just hyped as being made of or with green tea? which one is the best choice as part of a diet plan?

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4 Responses to “which green tea products actually have the ingredients to be helpful? which one is the best?”

  1. mittens98 said :

    Just go for anything by the brand ‘Clipper’ or ‘Dr stuarts’, peppermint tea is good for digestion i hear, and the Dr Stuarts brand has a skin purifying tea available =)

    Edit: Im just recommending these brands from my own reputable experience with them and their teas

  2. jillamenda said :
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  3. Rey Gamberro Salvador said :

    It’s not about brand name, remember that. Brand names are illusions and have a place only in the commercial and advertising industry.
    Read the ingredients label. If it says “Camellia sinensis” or “Japanese/Chinese/etc. green tea leaves”, then it’s good- simple as that. If you’re looking for a fresher alternative, there are many sites that will ship fresh tea straight to you form the source.

    EDIT: I should also mention that the aforementioned ingredient should be listed at the top of the ingredients, meaning it weighs more than any other ingredient in the product.

  4. gothvamp said :

    all Green tea’s are great for weight loss! but tea ingenral is great for allot of thing’s i have a diabetic book and in there it Say’s 3 to 5 cups a day is beneficial to your health in many ways!!! get the new diabetic book it has allot of cool stuff in it to help i hope this helps!!!


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