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Why does green tea or anything with green tea in it make my tummy hurt badly?

Green Tea drinks are so tasty to me,but after a couple of hours it tears my stomache apart completely! (especially the straight green tea) It hurts soooo bad that I want to cry almost lol, and it makes you run to the bathroom and have terribly sharp griping pains. Is this just me or is it the green tea?

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2 Responses to “Why does green tea or anything with green tea in it make my tummy hurt badly?”

  1. Well, you asked! said :

    Wow. Sounds like an allergy…

  2. TeaHawk said :

    Does this happen with a freshly-brewed cup of straight green tea? Or is it just bottled green tea?

    The reason I ask is, many bottled green tea drinks use a concentrated tea extract (and not even that much of it) along with God knows what other chemicals, additives, and food derivatives. Like Arizona green tea, it tastes like honey water to me. So your body could be reacting to an additive, or to a chemical reaction with the various ingredients.

    That said, if you get the same reaction from brewed green tea, or even black tea, then you know what did it! Black tea’s chemically very similar to green. And while I’ve never heard of a green tea allergy, I have heard of caffeine allergies. A doctor can test you for such things pretty easily, too.

    Good luck! If you’re allergic & need a replacement for tea, you know where to find us. 🙂


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