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How can I become a certified dog obedience trainer?

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5 Responses to “How can I become a certified dog obedience trainer?”

  1. Mini Me said:

    That comes naturally, don’t force yourself!!!

  2. Krissy A said:

    Check out They have several programs and areas set up to at least point you in the right direction. Also look at some Home Study colleges.

  3. tlctreecare said:

    Check out
    there may be some listings there.
    It would also depend on who you want to be certified by as to what you need to do or know.
    Some places will require a written test of knowledge. Some places will make you apperntice with a trainer for a certain length of time and then have the trainer test your skills.
    I have trained hunting dogs who have gotten their AKC master hunt titles and also worked with dogs holding several NAVHDA titles.
    I also work with a doberman rescue and work for them as a behavorial trainer.
    I go into peoples homes who are having problems and see what is going on and try and give them tips on how to fix the problems.
    I do not do obedience classes unless we are doing a fund raiser for the rescue. I feel like I do better at one on one work with the problem dogs than in a class setting and we have several really good people who do classes for us.

  4. gary said:

    There is a school in California that certifies dog trainers.

  5. a1109219 said:

    I’ve said that least 1109219 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean


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