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Any tips for giving up smoking?

im generally ok with the small cravings and stuff….but when i get the headaches and the cramps and things like that i become really weak…the most ive gone without it for 4 days….ive smoked since i was 12 and im almost 17 now…my 17th is on November 2nd and im determined to give up before then….im determined to go cold turkey because 1) i dont want people knowing i smoke and 2) because i want to be totally unreliant on niquitine…..

i guess what i really want here is just success stories and advice from people who have given up smoking….MOTIVATION!! hehe thanks everybody =)

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5 Responses to “Any tips for giving up smoking?”

  1. Kingofthehill1892 said :

    YOUR WAY TOO YOUNG TO SMOKE THATS NASTY. Is that good motivation?? It should be! Good luck and you can do it!

  2. Alex M said :

    Like almost everything in the human body, addiction like this is due to incorrect diet.

    What i’ve noticed in independent studies is that when the participants ate organic, fresh, healthy foods they gave up smoking. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well it’s true. When my aunt switched to organic health-foods, she suddenly quit smoking. You tend to lose the motivation to smoke because your body actually LEARNS from its mistake and notices the cigarrette to be bad for your body.

    Another safe alternative besides going and spending money on a psychiatrist is to use EFT(EmotionalFreedomTechniques). This site tells you all about it:
    It will basically tell your body to quit and that’s that. |D

    I hope you try to listen to my natural alternatives.

  3. JustAskin said :

    Go for a walk. Every day. Start today. Walk at a fast pace for about 10-15 minutes. You will probably be out of breath. Most 16-17 year old’s would not be. But, you will be. Your lungs are working harder to get you oxygen because you have abused them. By forcing yoru self to walk briskly, you might discover first hand the impact that cigarettes are having on your life.
    You should also look up just about any of the web sites and other resources for people who want to quit. Google it, you’ll find some sites with good ideas.

  4. brigadoon said :

    Wear the nicotine patch, it worked for me! Somone also told me that if you do smoke when you’re wearing the patch it can make you sick, so I never smoked when I was on the patch. I wore a patch every day for 6 weeks (but I’d take it off at night because it made you have crazy dreams if you wear it at night!) Then I was over the physical addiciton and didn’t want to smoke any more. Also, keep gum or mints around so you won’t want to eat in place of smoking. I also got these hot cinnamon toothpics that i used to suck/chew on, those were great! I also started exercising more so I would notice my lungs getting healthier. Also, one part of it that’s a BUMMER- try to stay away from your friends that smoke just for a little while because it is tempting to be around people that you used to smoke with and not smoke too. Just for the first part, until you feel you are over the hardest part. The thing is, once a smoker, you’re always a smoker in your head. Sometimes I do want one now even, but then I think how bad it smells and how far I’ve come. It’s not easy, but you can do it!
    Just remember the longer you go without smoking, the easier it gets. If youtake even just 1 drag off a cigarette it will only be harder. you just have to set your mind to it and do it……good luck!!!

  5. Steve R said :

    You’re doing good so far. Just have to watch that you don’t replace smoking with eating. Most people gain 10-15 pounds after they quit.


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