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Can anybody reccommend any PERSONAL PROTECTION or DOG OBEDIENCE books for me?

I am currently reading ‘Manstopper! Training a Canine Guardian’ by Joel McMains. It’s an excellent, easy to follow book because he includes stories of dogs he remembers training.

Of course, I’m only 14, so it’s not like I will actually be training a guard dog, but I plan to in the future, and I think it’d be a great idea to start reading as much as possible now.

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19 Responses to “Can anybody reccommend any PERSONAL PROTECTION or DOG OBEDIENCE books for me?”

  1. Lisa D said :

    I recommend that when you are ready to undertake such a serious endeavour, you join a schutzhund club and start by training with them for a while, rather than going it alone with books. Training a dog for protection is a very momentous task and should never be taken lightly. You could face a lawsuit for millions of dollars if your dog attacks someone- EVEN if they are on your property trespassing or hurting you, in many states! Even worse, the dog would very likely be euthanized for being vicious, and you might face criminal charges of aiding and abetting a dangerous dog.

    Any dog large enough to protect you will do so if you focus on exercising it, bonding with it, training it in obedience, and making it a full family member. You don’t need to train a dog to defend its family. They know how to do that- what you need to do is train them to be confident, outgoing, intelligent, and secure, so that they feel comfortable protecting you if the need arises.

  2. Stina said :

    As far as basic training goes, I think “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Positive Dog Training” by Pamela Dennison is POSITIVELY brilliant.

    Get it? =]

    EDIT: Since some people seem to be particularly closed minded (and also don’t seem to know how to use google) I will clarify: the aforementioned book is actually a book…with that title. I was not trying to insult the author of this question. I would provide a link to amazon so you can all view the book, but I don’t want to be reported for “solicitation”. You can stop emailing me now. kThanks =]

  3. dobermom said :

    You should get a Doberman, protection comes naturally no defensive training needed. As long as you provide a loving home, they will never leave your side. They are the only breed specifically bred to protect their masters.

  4. Kaetlyn said : has some good articles in regards to basic protection training-from picking a puppy, to dealing with dominant/aggressive dogs. The author is, however, very opinionated and stern. Keep in mind that no single method works for every dog, and that reading as many different things on different methods as you can will help you greatly when you decide to get into training.
    Major kudos to you for doing your research now instead of jumping right in.

    As someone else had stated, join a schutzhund club-you’ll meet tons of people who can help you out greatly. Even before you get a dog, try and attend some schutzhund trials and events, and get in touch with trainers. Get yourself involved and get a good understanding of it. Protection work is tough, so if you can start getting involved now it will pay off when the time comes.

    Here are some books found on that site:

    There’s a lot of resources on that website, to check it out when you get the chance.

  5. Adina T said :

    The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training is a good one I have heard from those who follow the Koehler Method of Dog Training in general. However ALL of Koehler’s books rely on his first basic obedience book “The Koehler Method of Dog Training.” — It is an EXCELLENT method that has stood the test of time and produces off-leash reliable dogs that trust and obey their owner unlike other dogs. As far as being an “Old” or “outdated” method…it’s all hogwash. IT is “old” in that it was created a few decades ago, but William Koehler trained over 10,000 dogs before he ever wrote the book. IT works on ALL temperaments of dogs…even “soft” dogs because it is completely fair. Dogs don’t even get a “correction” until they’ve been taught what to do and to understand the correction. Koehler Method of Dog Training is by far THE BEST method toward off leash reliability and it works faster than anything else out there. Don’t let detractors steer you toward treat based training as the only “humane” way to train.

    Also, a few folks keep mentioning Cesar Millan. while Cesar Millan is great at what HE does…he’s NOT a protection trainer and his books are useless in training obedience. He’s a guy who can get a dog to STOP doing things…and fix problems. He’s NOT necessarily the guy who can BEST teach you how to train a dog through basic obedience exercises.

    As a disclaimer, if I remember correctly for a dog to be GOOD at personal protection it needs to fit certain criteria and not all dogs will be good at this (even if it is a so-called protection breed). But I’m sure the book explains more.

    As far as Schutzhund is concerned, I would NOT go that direction. If I’m not mistaken Schutzhund is a “Sport” BUT it does not train a true protection dog for real life purposes.

    Good luck to you. I’m impressed that you as a 14 year old girl (per your avatar and post) are reading up on this!

  6. Bravewolf said :

    I would also recommend that you get involved with a club or someone who is experienced training reliable protection dogs. In order to have a dog that is not a danger to you or others, it is imperative that you get the guidance of an experienced mentor. You will have to be 100% in control of your dog at all times, which requires training, socialization and proper exercise 7 days a week for the rest of the dog’s life. If you’re up for that, find a mentor through a reputable club or association.

  7. Miss Cream said :

    Im currently reading “Ceasar’s Way” by Ceasar Millan

    My husbands mom (who is an obedience trainer) bought it for me


    Easy and entertaining to read, I love it.

    Why would you need a guard dog anyway? Chances are if someone was to even raise their voise at you then your dog would attack, if someone were to touch you, again they would attack…

    You do realize once a dog bites a human, EVEN if they were trying to hurt you, they would get put down? I think its a HORRIBLE idea to get a guard dog…..

    Take a fighting class, like self defense or something that…

  8. WyrDachs said :

    Training a dog for protection, not only is a hugh undertaking, but the dogs temperments needs to be truly stable. If the dog attacks anyone, you will be liable and your dog could be euthanized.

    By exercising, feeding, and obedience training your dog, you will build a strong relationship and the dog (depending on the breed) will usually naturally protect you.

    As for the Kohler method, it is rarely used anymore. Its a very correction based program. Once can not use the same training method on every dog. Each dog is an individual and has different temperments. Where one dog may have a harder temperment may do well with Kohler, a softer temperment dog may shut down. A relationship with a dog should be built on respect, not fear.

    The books that I recommend for obedience are:
    Beyond Basic Dog Training by Diane L. Bauman
    Steppin’ Up to Success with Terri Arnold by
    Terri Arnold & Ann paul
    The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

    Also worth the read is Bones Would Rain from the Sky by
    Suzanne Clothier. She also has some booklets that are very informative.

  9. said :

    You are reading a great book. Try to find a trainer that specilize in personal protection training. When you get ready to get your Dog ,look at the working kennels.

  10. husky87 said :

    I’m not sure where you live, but the best behaviourist/ trainer I know has trained 100s of search and rescue dogs, personal protection dogs/ guard dogs and police dogs.

    Training in drive is in my opinion the best and most successful way to train a dog, especially a dog being trained in personal protection. Training a personal protection dog using scare/fear tactics is only going to create a fearful, unworkable dog. I find the following articles from the aforementioned trainer extremely useful introductions to training in drive, and you can do training in drive courses by distance through him too.

    As others have suggested, you can read as much as you like but nothing will teach you like hands on experience. Join a Schulzhund club and get lots of hands on experience. Find knowledgable trainers/behaviourists who have trained personal protection dogs successfully, and do as many conferences/ seminars and workshops about training as possible.

    For your first dog, I would recommend once you decide on a breed (GSD or Beglian Malinois would be my preference for a working dog) research, research, research to find a great knowledgable breeder who breeds dogs from working lines. They will have trained dogs in Schulzhund or other obedience before, the parents or their other dogs will be obedience titled and they will have puppies sold previously that also have PROVEN success as working/obedience dogs.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Shepherdgirl § said :

    Here are some that I like:

    The Koehler Method of Dog Training by William R. Koehler and R.T. Yankie
    The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training; An Effective & Authoritative Guide for Selecting, Training & Maintaining Dogs in Home Protection, Plant Security, Police, & Military Work by William R. Koehler
    How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners by The Monks of New Skete
    Schutzhund Obedience: Training in Drive by Sheila Booth and Gottfried Dildei
    Purely Positive Training: Companion to Competition by Sheila Booth
    Reading books is a good start but as others have said, it takes more than reading to learn so join clubs, find mentors and go to seminars. You will learn a lot more by getting involved.
    Happy reading!!!

    ETA: I added books about schutzhund because they informative when it comes to Obedience, which is also what was asked for.

  12. Lucy said :

    Try ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ by VIctoria Stilwell. Its a great book. I’ve read it and the training works, and it has useful info eg food etc

  13. Curtis M said :

    Stick with some of the newer books that don’t focus completely on positive reinforcement. PR training is only 33.3% training, you have to have the corrections and distractions phase as well. Leerburg sells GREAT dvd’s so you can get a sense of the concepts we use. Obviously…don’t think this information you get from books and dvd’s means you can go out there and do it (as far as protection goes). You need a mentor who understands police style protection to be serious. Schutzhund protection 99% of the time doesn’t cut it in the real world.

  14. ManitouLisa said :

    Don’t discount yourself just because you’re a teenager. I remember a presentation by the local guide dog training organization. They said their best trainer was a 13 year old boy.

    Here’s a favorite book:
    How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford and Neil

  15. Ty B said :

    You really should approach some protection trainers in your area and beg to apprentice under them. That is how I got my start in dog training and working with protection dogs at 14, just like you.

    A schutzhund club isn’t going to help you. Schutzhund is a sport and is not protection.

    Also, don’t pay attention to someone who says that a dog will naturally protect you. Anyone who says this has never trained protection before. Nearly EVERY dog will fold under pressure unless they are trained to deal with a real situation.

  16. Burdman said :

    two books by a man named cesar millan. “cesar’s way” and “be the pack leader”. he has his own show on national geographic, he’s like the greatest dog person in the world. they call him the dog whisperer.

  17. kathleen d said :

    Patricia Mcconnells “fiesty fido” and Brenda Aloffs “canine body language”

  18. blue said :

    These things are different ‘sports’ although if you choose to do Shutzhund there will be obedience involved, you can also look up Working Trials and get some info on that.

    For learning how to teach basics of competition Obedience I recommend you try Competitive Obedience, A step-by-step guide by Paddy Coughlan

    You cant really do the protection stuff at home unless you have the space, equipment and helpers etc plus you should have a massive amount of control over your/any dog before trying to do the protections work as you could end up with a liability, but at least you are educating yourself prior to getting the dog which is great, of course it also depends what you want a protection dog for. This would influence your choice of breed etc.
    Ie is it going to be an actual security dog business you are interested in, a hobby ?

    If you just want a dog that will protect his owner, then get a Dobermann, they are the ONLY breed that was specifically bred to protect their owner, they were not originally herders……only a personal protection dog, this is what makes them more sure’ bout who needs to be ‘watched’ so no matter how friendly he will be with anyone else, he WILL protect you if he thinks you need it. No protection training needed, in fact you would have to socialise them well from a young age so as not to be too overprotective. They are however, a breed that if you are considering, you should research well, as you are taking on 40kg of protective and very energetic muscle.

  19. Nancy M said :

    There are no books or videos or anything like that which I would recommend at all. I have found that most people do not learn well regarding dog training from books and frequently think they do and just create huge problems for themselves and their dogs. You need to get a dog and get it to an obedience class and learn how to properly interact with and train the dog for even simple obedience and trialing – if you can’t do that no amount of second hand information will help you in the least. No tv shows, DVDs or anything like that. Finding a schutzhund club would be no different than finding a good motivational obedience or agility class – with any of them YOU will be the one learning to interact appropriately with a dog to get it to behave as you wish and the more you learn the more you will be capable of properly assessing a dog that would be suitable for more advanced training endeavors.


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