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Do you have any vice that you don’t want to give up?

I go to casinos occasionally (I’m not into heavy gambling though) and I don’t want to give it (“gaming”) up. But I know some people don’t want to give up smoking.

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10 Responses to “Do you have any vice that you don’t want to give up?”

  1. ♥MafiaGirl♥ said :

    Traveling and trekking – ALONE. I love the mystery of being alone and living on the edge…..

  2. eezy_jex said :

    I am a workaholic ….. and I don’t want to give it up.

    That’s my only vice.

  3. Mr.Boo said :

    Is coffee a vice? Coffee…..I don’t care if it kills me, I will drink it as I am dying. I hope heaven is a great big coffee house.

  4. jongbong said :

    zzz… drinking… if i have to give up drinking… then… life would be meaningless. hmmm… beer… zzz…

  5. Aref H4 said :

    Yeah, smoking. And I think I’ll feel the same way Jongbong does if I have to give up drinking entirely.

  6. pharaoh_102 said :

    i had given up smoking.
    i had given up gambling
    i had given up womanizing
    i had given up stealing
    i had given up drinking

    only one vice i can not give up..

  7. fritz said :

    yeah….i enjoy scratching myself! and no, am not gonna give that up….won’t give up chasing fire engines too

    ta ta, i’m outta here.

  8. John C said :

    addiction of staying so long in front of the computer… or, should I say, in YA!P…

  9. yaken said :

    if working out is a vice…then i would never want to miss a thing!

    i love the endorphins!!

  10. aguadulce♥ said :

    for my 3900th answer –

    Okay, so I only have 2 vices right now – you and my smoking…if people are allowed to have only one vice, you might as well know – I’m not giving up smoking!!! HA HA HA
    And if you think I’m kidding, you got another thing coming! Peace hon…yeababy!


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