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Is it possible to give up smoking if you don’t actually want to?

I know I should give up smoking. However, I enjoy it too much. I don’t have any physically expressed cravings or anything. It just tastes so good. How do I trick myself into not liking it, or is there another way?

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5 Responses to “Is it possible to give up smoking if you don’t actually want to?”

  1. First Lady said :

    Watch someone you love die slowing from lung cancer…where nothing can take the pain away that they’re experiencing, where they pray for God to take them because they can’t bear the pain any longer, watch them become bedridden and on oxygen 24 hours a day and lose so much weight they resemble a skeleton. Watch all that go on for 15 months. If that doesn’t make you want to quit…..nothing will.

  2. Chris P said :

    there are pills you can take that will give u a horrible reaction to nicotine, most likely nauseau and possibly vomiting

  3. kita said :

    Nope not possible. I’ve tried and unless you REALLY want to quit is the only way.

  4. bluzchick1_04 said :

    i loved to smoke, but quit 40 days ago. no meds, just decided it was the healthy choice. i still miss it and think about it daily. all about being in control.

  5. Jools L said :

    in the absence of a dying relative, you can just accept you love it but you cant do it any more. i did it, cold turkey, no aids. Two days of hell and i was over it.


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