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How do i tell my mum i dont want to give up smoking?

Im 15 and i’ve just told my mum i smoke. She asked if i wanted to give up, and i said i dont know. Really, i dont want to give up. How can i tell her i dont want to?


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4 Responses to “How do i tell my mum i dont want to give up smoking?”

  1. sadpanda63 said :

    smoking is bad for you
    ive been somking for 3 years now and i just stoped
    it can kill you
    people really dont need to smoke

  2. Katelynn said :

    she just cares about and loves you!


    mum-5 you- 0

  3. jOSH W said :

    you should quit tho.. the younger u quit the better health wise/ and money wise it is for u.. and plus if u get hooked which sounds like u allready are.. whos gonna support this habbit. your 15 and probably still rely on mom and dad to buy u stuff..quit the tobacco.. i been smoking for 3 years now and im goin through a pack and a half a day some times 2 packs.. costs me about $60 a week.. i tried quitting .. but its too hard for me.. trust me the sooner u quit the easier it is …

  4. release said :

    You can do whatever you want to your body.
    Do some research and make an informed decision. If you show your mom that you aren’t smoking just to piss her off and that you actually just want to damage your entire respiratory system, then just tell her the truth.
    There’s no use in beating around the bush.

    Instead of just saying “I want to keep smoking,” say something like “I want to keep smoking BECAUSE…” and list all of your logical reasons.

    Here’s a website where you can get some information:

    I googled “Benefits of smoking cigarettes”

    I find that having some information to back up your decisions makes them easier to talk about.

    Be prepared for things like dental problems and cancer, and ensure your mother that you are mature enough to take care of your health on your own


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