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Does anyone have any quick, easy recipes for a college student?

I’m a university student and I live alone. I’ve been trying to eat well but a lot of the time, I find I don’t have time to make dinner for myself and I get fast food or just snack, and I know it’s a really unhealthy thing to do.
Does anyone have any quick, easy recipes that would work for me?
I know the basics, like spaghetti and macaroni and cheese, so I don’t need to know how to make those.
Also, I eat chicken and fish but no other types of meat.

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27 Responses to “Does anyone have any quick, easy recipes for a college student?”

  1. wedgewood s said :

    ramen noodles

  2. Dr. Neil Ryan said :


  3. tubebandit said :

    oh for a second there i thought you were going to cook a college student.

  4. El Macro said :

    A salad jeje, cornflakes those are yummy, orrrrr mashed potatos, just boil and wait a few minutes, then take out, mash and add butter

  5. furevernlv said :

    hundreds of recipes cheap for college kids

  6. Bored Enough To Be Here said :

    make salad and put canned tuna on top.

  7. =] me said :

    buy frozen fish sticks or chicken tenders/nuggets or grilled ham and cheese sandwich, or a quesidilla. also easy mashed potatoes that you add milk or water and put it in the microwave with some onion salt it tastes reallly good..

    this is all i can think of hope it helps

  8. Schleppy said :

    In the frozen foods section, you can buy stir-fry mixes, that already have all the vegetables cut up, as well as chicken or shrimp or whatever. All you do is put a little oil in a pan and stir fry it for a few minutes. It’s a very easy way to make a really healthy meal. If you need a little more to fill you up, pop a boil-in-bag of rice on the stove and serve it with the stir fry.

  9. In China said :

    5 Quick & Easy Recipes for Starving College Students—-
    Click here:

  10. Sabina said :

    Get a slow cooker (crock pot). Throw some stuff in the cooker in the morning and by evening you’ll have a great and healthy home cooked meal. You can cook a whole chicken in one with no seasoning but salt and pepper and you will have chicken for sandwiches for days. The crock pot will also come with recipes and you can also find them on the Internet.

  11. Ruth said :

    well i’m pretty much in the same position! i would suggest recipies, but most of mine are very unhealthy! like mac and cheese and stuff. so i stopped eating that b/c it just makes me fat. But idk if you’ve ever watched Rachael Rey’s 30 minute meals. well they’re very good and very fast!!! if you dont have time to watch the show, you can always find recipies on her website. and also, theyre healty foods! =]

  12. Kmoneyyy said :

    if you have a George foreman grill anything is easy. I eat really healthy so i make tuna burgers by taking one can of tuna and one egg. mix them together by hand or fork or something. Then add whatever seasoning you want, i use Worcestershire sauce and cilantro. It’s really healthy and delicious.

  13. why do I? said :

    im so glad you ask so if you like fish like halibut or even salmon which is in season you can make fish tacos with a wheat or even spinach wrap( can be bought at whole foods or any healthly produce store) marinate your fish in cilantro garlic lemon juice and sear in a pan 5 mins or each side for well done 4 mins for medium or 2to 3 mins for rare then sautee some red onions and multi color bell peppers. As a side you can make some spanish rice by adding some kind of tomato sauce spagetti sauce or tomato paste to chicken stock to make a broth then add it to rice ratio of rice to water is 1cup rice to 1 1/2 cups liquid then when rice is almost done add 1 cup of frozen assorted veggies to rice salt and pepper to taste i promise you it will take about 20mins bon apetite

  14. GreekQT said :

    Breakfast tacos. We eat them for any meal.

    Eggs, scrambled
    Cheese, shreaded cheddar works good
    Salsa, any
    Tortillas, corn or flour

    Put the first 3 into the 4th.

    You could also make some chicken with taco seasoning and put that in there too.

    Optional additions:
    Sour cream
    and anything else that sounds good

  15. driggersdanielle said :

    Devilled Eggs.

    1. Boil a few eggs
    2. Take off the shell.
    3.Cut them in half
    4. Take out the yolk and put it in a bowl.
    5. Put the white part aside on a plate.
    6. Mix the yolk with some mustard and mayonase, and sometimes pikle relish.
    7. Scoop the mixed up yolk up and put it into the white part, which has a hole in it from taking the yolk out in the first place.
    8. Yum!

  16. Info_Please said :

    Can of Salmon, can of peas, can of cream of mushroom soup. Mix and heat, serve over noodles or mashed potatoes, or eat alone.

  17. Eric R said :

    The best way to cook is with a crock pot. You can get it put together before you go to bed, and in the morning take it out of the fridge and plug it in on low. When you get home it’s ready to eat. Many recipes on the internet for a crock pot.

  18. deedoe_2000 said :

    You might want to think about using a little of your spare time to prepare and freeze some healthy meals for the upcoming week. Freeze them in microwave containers that can be popped into the microwave. As for the healthy part: Buy alot of veggies (stir fry or salad.) Buy whole grain rice and breads. Buy healthy snacks like yogurt (no sugar just fruit) And think about things you can add to your salads and meals to boost your vitamin intake. Like using spinach for your salads or buying flax seeds to throw in your stir fry.

  19. Emily Dew said :
  20. elsa f said :

    Bagel or English muffin pizzas (bagel, sauce, cheese), salad, Chicken noodle soup, yogurt with fruit and granola, sliced cheese on french bread, low fat granola tart (mix frozen berries and flour, bake a few min. add granola and sugar on top, bake 10-20 min.), smoothie, fresh veggie soup (a bunch of veggies, tomatos, water), or just get a salad or yogurt parfe from mc donalds!

  21. k-bel said :

    I watched this episode…looked good and a change of pace from Ramen.

  22. slathered_in_sauce_sarcastic said :

    Boil chicken breasts (not too much water). When done, remove chicken and keep 1 cup of stock.

    In a pan, melt 2 tablespoons butter, mix with 1/4 cup flour. Mix until smooth. Add chicken stock, mix well. In separate bowl, take 1 carton heavy cream, and whip. Fold in 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese, 2 tablespoons white wine and 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg. Slowly fold in chicken stock mixture.

    Boil enough broccoli to cover bottom of a casserole dish (or cake pan depending on what’s available).

    Preheat oven to 500 degrees (Fahrenheit).

    Place broccoli on bottom of casserole, set chicken on top, pour gravy-mixture top of that and sprinkle 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese. Place in oven until cheese on top turns golden-brown.


    This should make about three servings, so you can make the leftovers quick and easy the next few times.

    Also, if you’re feeling lazy, you can stop the gravy mixture once you’ve added the chicken stock to the flour and butter. It tastes so much better with the whipped cream and cheese though. Sometimes I add (cooked) rice underneath the broccoli to soak up the extra gravy.

  23. JANET M said :

    Make chili with ground beef or ground turkey. Initially it’s not quick per se, but it’s still easy to make and you get several meals out of it. You basically just throw several ingredients together.

    ground beef (browned and drained
    (or grond turkey)
    kidney beans (2-3 cans)
    and black beans
    or a mixture of those and black beans
    1 lg. can crushed tomatoes
    1 tsp. cumin
    cayenne pepper (careful)
    green pepper (chopped)
    med. onion (chopped)
    4 tbs. chili powder
    1/2 tsp. salt
    2 tbs. parsley
    chopped green peppers
    2 cloves crushed fresh garlic (or 1 tsp garlic powder)

    Drain and rinse the beans, put in a med saucepan. Add the rest of the ingredients, and some water to add liquid and mix well. Cover and simmer slowly for a few hours, stirring occasionally.

    Serve with some shredded cheese (reduced fat is fine). I like chopped raw onion on top of mine too… not sure where I got that from. And a little sour cream if you like.

  24. Andrew L said :
  25. mel g said :

    Hi. I am a mum of 4 and have found some quick meals that don’t cost much, are healthy enough and taste good!

    Idea No. 1.

    Noodle Stir Fry.
    First cook a packet of instant noodles in water. Drain
    In pan add a tiny bit of oil and fry some chicken/fish. Add some frozen vegetables (corns and peas are nice) and the flavouring sachet from the noodles. Add the noodles. Fry and eat. YUM

    Idea No. 2.

    Mexican Chili Rice.
    Buy a can of Mexican Re-fried beans. Cook in a pan with a chopped up tomato and a little chicken mince and half a sachet of taco seasoning.
    Serve on a bed of rice with a little salsa and some sour cream. YUM

    Idea No. 3

    Chicken Pesto Pasta
    Cook some pasta.
    In a pan stir fry some chicken pieces, when brown add a spoonful of basil pesto (buy pre-made or mix up a handful of finely chopped basil, half a teaspoon of minced garlic and a teaspoon of olive oil), half a cup of cream and a big handful of grated parmesan cheese. Serve on the pasta with a crunchy fresh salad or broccoli stir fried with nuts in olive oil. YUM.

    Hope you like these…

  26. mellowedee2001 said :

    Get yourself a George Foreman Grill. Works FAST, great for chicken and super fast for fish. Also grills veggies really well. Also, drop your chicken in marinades you like when you bring it home from the store (marinades are in the ketchup isle – find one you like) and you won’t have to do anything but plop them on the grill for 10 minutes. Also makes killer grilled cheese sandwhiches and quesedillias (be sure to cook the chicken BEFORE putting the quesedilla together on the grill), and use white bread and cans of pie filling for yummy pie treats. Now go study.

  27. J e n n said :

    You can buy some of those frozen foods at Costco or Safeway (I don`t really know what stores you have in the mainland). Like get some of those pizzas, french fries, chickens, veggies, fish and stuff.
    And add some garlic or french bread on the side plus a healthy salad :]
    You can also never go wrong with canned soup. You can choose from many different kinds like tomato, chicken noodle, chili, minestroni, corn chowder, cream of mushroom, clam chowder, beef vegetable ETC ETC.

    Plus, try this awesome thing to eat. Just heat up some tomato soup and add some cooked rice in the soup. Then serve. It`s pretty good :]


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