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What are some quick and easy recipes for class?

Im in nutrition and i’m doing a project were i make a recipe and i need a fast and easy recipe to make. We have about 40 min. But i’d like it to take no longer then 20. I would prefer something cheap because i have to pay for it myself and there are about 27 kids in my class so i prefer no meat. Any ideas?

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2 Responses to “What are some quick and easy recipes for class?”

  1. rocker said :

    crackers and cheese or gronala bars

  2. gyt said :

    Refried Bean Soup

    Go to to get the recipe. I make it a lot for quick suppers and it is on the Weight Watcher’s program from several years ago. It makes a lot.

    Another is Cherry Tomato Parmesan that is also on Very fast and easy as long as you have an oven.


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