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Any easy recipes to offer to a college student?

My boyfriend and I just moved into an apartment together, and I feel like being “wifely”. Unfortunately, I am not too experienced in the cooking field. Does anyone have any amazing, easy recipes? I am also looking for slow cooker recipes to try. So far, I’ve only had failed attempts!

Thank you!
Thank you to all!

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8 Responses to “Any easy recipes to offer to a college student?”

  1. maliaog said :

    I am a huge fan of
    I had a lot of luck with making a vegetarian chili in my slow cooker
    If you go to the Rival (cooking product) website, they have several slow cooker recipes there as well.
    I always liked making Italian food when I started out… it was quick and hard to mess up.
    Triple cheese stuffed shells were my favorite.
    I also always found salmon a really easy dish to make… you can broil it on a cedar plank and then top it with BBQ sauce (as odd as that sounds) or baste it with butter, basil and a little dill… my favorite salmon glaze though is soy, ginger, garlic and brown sugar, just keep a bowl by the oven and baste it every 7-10 minutes or so.
    When you get more comfortable in the kitchen, I highly recommend buying yourself an electric wok… there is SO much you can do with a wok.

    Most importantly, have FUN… if you aren’t having fun cooking, it will reflect in your meal. Remember even if things don’t turn out right the first time (or randomly, even after you have done it perfectly, as it often did to me!), you learn from the experience!

  2. jana d said :

    Not really sure what kind of foods you like & what your taste is..
    What do you like??
    love to cook, unfortunelty I don’t have a lot of time. I have published a few of my recipes on the net & are working on writing more. Hopefully I will have more online in a week or so.You are more than welcome to try them out..

    I am in the middle of updating my blog, but you can still view it also.
    I update it everytime I have new recipes & content online..

  3. Diamond Strength said :

  4. fourchordwonder said :

    Check out these videos, they cover quick recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner –

  5. jnnwyman said :

    Put this link into your Favorites. These are thousands of easy recipes for you. Scroll to the bottom of the link for all kinds of dinners. Check out the category on the left hand side of their screen:
    Cooking Made Easy:

    I have been cooking for about 50 years. A few years ago, my husband and I discovered that the “big company known brands” frozen dinners are delicious. All you need to do is add canned or frozen vegetables and a salad which can be bought in bags as side dishes. All kinds of desserts are in the freezer section. Always read the directions on the containers. Clerks will be happy to help you find these items.

    The grocery stores now have pre-cooked meats such as pot-roasts, pork chops, meatloaf, baked ham, chicken, and etc. They are sooooo good and most have their own gravy. Buy brand names that you know. Follow the directions on the containers. Ask a clerk for help if needed.

    There are jars of all types of sauces for all kinds of noodles. These are found on a shelf. A clerk can help you find them.

    You will find many brand named boxed dinners such as Pasta-Roni. There is a seasoned packet in each box. My favorite is Garlic & Olive Oil. I put more garlic powder in it ’cause I like to taste lots of garlic. Ask a clerk if you need help in finding these boxed dinners.

    Don’t forget the deli. They now have roasted chickens and fried chicken just like Ky. Fried Chicken. And they have all types of side dishes to go along with your dinner. If you are in a hurry, run over to your supermarket and grab a nice deli lunch or dinner. They taste like home cooking.

    By the way, supermarkets and meat markets now cook Thanksgiving turkey dinners with all the trimmings. Check to make sure if you need to put your name on their holiday list. They will cook a Christmas roast for you too. Check the telephone’s yellow pages for meat markets.

  6. nanny said :

    Go to your local book store & ask for ” A man, a can, a plan.” by Joachim, easy stuff with most things on hand, & so easy to do.

  7. Travis M said :
  8. just another guy said :

    Here is a website with some very easy recipes.


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