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Does drinking green tea have the same fat burning effects as supplementing?

I drink approx. 4-6 glasses of fresh brewed green tea with no sugar and a touch of lemon.Also does it have the same anti-oxidant benefits?

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6 Responses to “Does drinking green tea have the same fat burning effects as supplementing?”

  1. diva said :

    yes it does

  2. Max W said :

    it does indeed…

    Pity it tastes of urine.

  3. Bella Latina said :

    Green tea doesn’t burn fat what it does is increase your metabolism…. therefore helping you to loose weight.

    I love the stuff

  4. Pinky said :

    Green tea is very good for you and it does have antioxidant benefits but it doesn’t have the same fat burning effects as supplementing would.

  5. Tinker24 said :

    I am a big fan of green tea too. I think they should have the same effects but I would rather drink fresh brewed tea.

  6. ChiefTrippnBalls said :

    yes it does….but what is even better is that recent research shows that green tea in concentrated forms actually help reproduce brain cells… it was once thought that once brain cells had been destroyed there was no way of regenerating them…….aaaaamazing!!!


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