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Green Tea?

Can you use sugar to make it taste less bitter or are you suppose to drink it raw? What is a good green tea that can be found at local grocery shop? And how many cups a day?
Thank you ladies = ]

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7 Responses to “Green Tea?”

  1. fairydancer3 said :

    Now.Your suppose you use sugar with the green tea.
    But dont put much.

    1 cup at the most.
    or 1 1/2 [per jug]
    The best kind is Lipton Green Tea.

    Green tea is my fav.

  2. ela said :

    some people drink tea w/o sugar. others drink with. its probably more healthy to drink without though… I actually buy my green tea at costo. a huge box. its called japanese green tea. plus… its an anti oxidant. so its healthy. my mom likes to drink a cup a day. but i drink it about 3x a week..

  3. Sweetie Pie said :

    There is no “proper” way of drinking the tea. You are drinking it for the benefit of the drink, like coffee and caffeine, so if you add a little honey or a little sugar, there is no harm in that.

  4. ~~Lizzie~~ said :

    i love green tea ummmmmmmm!

  5. MYRA C said :

    I have 1 cup of green tea a day with a little honey in it. I use Tetley tea, round bags and comes in a tin for freshness. Let the tea infuse for 3 minutes to get the full benefit.

  6. hopefully helpful said :

    Yes you can use sugar or honey to sweeten up your green tea.
    I actually drink Lipton’s Honey Lemon Green Tea.
    I sweeten it up with sugar, and enjoy the taste.
    I usually drink it once or twice a day.
    I suggest you try it, you might enjoy it.
    : )

  7. AAshland said :

    Adding sugar to green tea dilutes the health benefits. The polyphenols (antioxidants) won’t be as effective.

    1-2 cups a day will make a noticeable difference in your energy level and give you loads of antioxidants. It’s also a natural appetite suppressant.

    My favorite green tea is Stash chai green tea, available in most grocery stores. It has cinnamon and other spices in it. If a soda drinker like me can be content with it anyone can. 🙂

    Feel free to visit my website about green tea (link below).


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