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What green tea is really green tea that is natural?

I know most green tea are just like sugar with tiny traces of real tea inside it and sell for the same price and way soda does like Lipton. What’s a real green tea you can buy in a store like farm fresh or Harris Teeter. And do those small packets for 40 cents each that claim add to water for real tea work?

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3 Responses to “What green tea is really green tea that is natural?”

  1. Anna E said :

    Green tea is made from tea leaves that are not fermented before they are dried, so they are more natural than black tea, which is the same tea, but the leaves are fermented before they are dried. Actually, the tea bags that you buy in the store (even Lipton) are 100% green tea leaves. The tea you buy already bottled is the one with all the additives in them. And no, the little pouches you buy are just instant tea and a bunch of additives. Try buying a box of the real tea bags and brewing a pitcher of green tea yourself. If only takes a few minutes, the box gives directions, but I use 4 green tea bags in a quart of boiling water and steep for 5 minutes – no longer. Then add sweetener as desired and a quart of cold water and mix. Serve over ice. Better than any bottled tea.

  2. I heart beets said :

    any tea that you can actually watch expand into a full leaf is pretty natural. You can buy loose leaf tea online or sometimes at the grocery store. Sometimes they’re sold in pyramid tea bags so that the leaves can expand more.

  3. Bret said :

    I don’t think any of them are really natural.



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