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Has anyone had a tummy tuck and not been able to give up smoking?

I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck on the 14th December and have been advised to give up smoking – however I dont know how Im going to do it as I actually like smoking, I smoke about 20 per day – my husband smokes about 40 per day so Im just not sure I can do it, I was told if I couldnt give up that I should cut down as much as possible. Has anyone had a tummy tuck and not given up smoking? How did it go, how were your results? Where there any complications? I have read all the websites that tell you, you are at a higher risk of complications with smoking but I havent found too much about peoples results when they were unable to give up.
I thought I would add that I asked about a prescription for Xyban (a drug here in Australia that helps you give up) and was told this was no good as its the niccotine that is the problem not the smoke itself and so I also cant use patches or any other method that replaces the niccotine while your giving up. I have bought a hipnotherapy CD to listen to but for some reason cant bring myself to listen to it – maybe because I enjoy the smoking.

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4 Responses to “Has anyone had a tummy tuck and not been able to give up smoking?”

  1. BH said :

    Do the best you can…I had a g/f that had a tummy tuck and she quit cold turkey before her surgery, but started back while she was recovering…

    Be strong…do what’s best for succesful results of your surgery…if you feel that strongly about smoking, you can smoke again after you’re through the surgery and on the mend…

    I know it’s not easy (I’m a habit smoker myself)…good luck!

  2. JAYNE T said :

    They tell you to give up because smokers can’t heal as well after surgery, and are prone to infections, i had a c-section when i had my daughter ans was a smoker, and i had a terrible infection which didn’t clear for months

  3. tallmochagirl said :

    I strongly advise you to quit smoking NOW. If you don’t you have several additional risks for surgical complications:
    1) bad scarring (dark, hyperpigmented scars or raised scarring)
    2) tissue necrosis (dead blackened)
    3) prolonged wound healing
    4) respiratory complications while under anesthesia
    5) additional surgeries due to wound complications
    6) infection

    You need to quit smoking 2-4 weeks prior to surgery to reduce the risks. If you can’t stop smoking I advise you NOT to have the surgery. You may have a worse appearance afterward if you don’t.

    Furthermore, if the surgeon has told you to stop smoking he/she isn’t responsible for a bad outcome or the cost or additional work needed as a direct result of your smoking.

  4. michael said :

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    Hope this helps.


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