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has any1 not been able to give up smoking when they found out they were pregnant?

jst saying i found out and im tyring to quit..
yeh i have cut down of my normal 12 cigs a day to 4 a day not easy and yeh my doc said the same thing not to quit cold turkey jst slowly stop.. thanx all

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7 Responses to “has any1 not been able to give up smoking when they found out they were pregnant?”

  1. Gabble P said :

    o you just ‘found out’ why weren’t you using birth contorl if you’re a smoker? o don’t tell me, it ‘just happened’ didn’t it, or your birth control ‘myseriously failed’

    quit asap

  2. Angela said :

    It is hard to give it up, especially when you are pregnant with all the extra hormones and whatnot. I would talk to your Dr before quitting completely though. My sister was told to cut back but not quit because that could cause too much stress on the baby and the effects of her smoking were less than the potential effects of her quitting. I would consult a Dr before doing anything. Its best to quit if you can but I just hink a professional opinion is best in this situatiom.

  3. Mommy to said :

    I was told not to quit… your baby is already addicted to the nicotine and trying to quit now would be very stressful on the baby… as long as you are under 15 cigs per day you should be ok… try and cut down, bud not completely quit

  4. YME said :

    Just stop! Would you blow smoke in a babies face? Well here you are effecting every step of development of this child, if you damage the development, it is something you will have to deal with for years to come.
    Just stop, what is more important? a healthy Baby or smoke in your system slowly killing you and harming your child. Choose wisely

  5. Im just answering your question! said :

    Full credit for havign the courage to ask the question…i keep chickening out;)

    Im nearly 9 weeks and havent managed to quit, but im down from 15-20 cigarettes a day to about 8 max. Everyone has different theories on wether its good or bad, I personally found that when I tried to quit cold turkey I was just getting soo angry and frustrated I fugured that was worse for the baby. My midwife and doctor just suggested cutting down, start off with cutting out 1 a day, the next day trie two and so on. I did that and am down to under half of what I used to smoke so its not so bad;)

  6. bindyangel said :

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

    I didn’t. I’m not proud, but I didn’t. If you can quit, please do. At least cut down as much as you can.

    I know I will get thumbs down for it, but you wanted an honest answer.

    There would be a number of women on here who won’t own up to it I am betting.

  7. navywife122305 said :

    Yes. I have cut back but my Dr said not to quit but to cut back as much as possible. Im preggo with #2 and #1 is healthy as a horse mater of fact he is 2 yrs old and as big as the 5 yr olds ( literally he wears 5 t and 10 in shoe and 3’3″ and 44 lbs) and was 8 lbs 12 oz 22 3/4 ” at birth…..with him i smoked about 5-8 a day


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