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I wanna give up smoking! does anyone know how i could do this? :-)?

I work quite a boring and monotone job, and ive found myself taking up smoking to relieve some of the stress and boredom!

i now wanna give up, as i know it is extremely bad for my health, and i hate the taste of them!

however, when ive tried before, ive found myself getting irritable, tetchy and wanting another! 🙁

does anyone know anything i could try, eat or drink that could help me kick the habit? any help and suggestions would be brilliant! 🙂

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14 Responses to “I wanna give up smoking! does anyone know how i could do this? :-)?”

  1. Kevin T said :

    whenever you have the feeling of smoking try drinking a lot of water to fill you up and put of your mind of smoking. It really works

  2. Ruby said :

    This program is free and wonderfully easy.

  3. Wise man said :

    support groups, nictotine patches, ect

  4. lilygateau said :

    I quit and what worked for me may not work for you. I was a very heavy smoker for a lot of years.
    I pretended I wanted a cup of coffee when I felt like smoking. I gave it up cold turkey. It was hard and I felt like smoking for a looooong time. I to this day do not understand why my picture and a write up was not in the paper. It is a hard thing to do.
    I told myself I could have a cigarette if I went so many days without smoking and then smoked one. So many weeks, so many months and then after one year I smoked my last cigarette….and I really did smoke one after a year.
    And yes, you do have to diet at the same time or you replace cigarettes with food (sugar free pops, toothpicks, or black coffee or water….smoke unlit cigarettes….)
    Good luck because it is worth it….not just healthwise

  5. David S said :

    I think there’s only one way to quit: Cold turkey. That’s how I did it. If you’re motivated to quit, tear up your pack of smokes and don’t look back. You DO have the willpower to do it.

  6. Becka said :

    When I quit I would chew on gum or eat a peice of hard candy every time I got the urge for one. I also starting drinking more water. This was a healthy way to keep me busy.

  7. maddie (: said :


  8. bubba said :

    throw them all away!

  9. Blob said :

    Throw out all ur cigarettes.
    Eat and drink a lot.
    Focus ur mind on ur family and friends…and if u really want 2 try hard…focus on ur wrk.

  10. Angel Wings said :

    Chew gum when you want to smoke! Look away from the cigs and try to get out and walk about a mile! or around the park! Take the cigs you still have and flush them down the toilet! also suck on peppermints! I did that to help me quit! and because my parents were on the verge of killing me if i didn’t!

  11. Dennis W said :

    I recently quit (2 1/2 months ago) and I feel much better about it. You have to get rid of other habits that helped you to smoke. For example, I had to give up coffee in the morning because that is when i would smoke. Also, I had to have candy in the car when driving because that was when I wanted to smoke. Finally, I had to give up hanging out with the smokers on break at work because that was when I would smoke as well.

    It’s not easy and you have to want to quit for real! I went cold turkey. Once it is out of your system for a few weeks then it is easier. Just think of the money you will save. Also think about how you won’t stink like cigarettes all the time. After you get done smoking and you are around other people, do you notice they try to avoid you because of the strong smell of cigarettes? Don’t you feel sorry for old people that are puffing away on cigarettes because they are not strong enough to break the addiction?

    That’s all cigarettes are. Smoking is a very strong addiction with the nicotine, etc.. We dont need it to survive. There is nothing positive about smoking. We are only feeding the nicotine addiction.

    Ex smokers of the world,………..UNITE !!!!!

  12. BILLY S said :

    Just quit buying them!!!!!!
    I drove a truck all of my working career and smoked. I got injured and was off work for 9 months and never smoked. As soon as I went back to work it was lite up time again. So all in all it was just a nasty habit. I quit for good in 1990 and yes it was a challenge. I got a box of toothpicks to chew on and have never looked back. When you do quit you will not be able to stand the smell of cigarette smoke. And you will wonder why people do that nasty habit. For your own heath, GIVE IT UP.

  13. cronos_ak47m said :

    your solution depends on how addicted you are to nicotine. if you are addicted a lot, don’t ever try to stop in one shot. it is because if you fail to keep ur will for atleast 2 or 3 months and start again, you will somoke more than usual. dont care about that many people say. these things doesnt work. reduce smoking by 1 and 1. let ur body get adopted to live with out nicotine slowly. and you can use chewingum(nicotine) to keep ur body in a good state untill you can reduce smoking considerably. and when you reduce it up to 2 fags a day, then ur ready to quit. then take cold turkey.

  14. jessica k said :

    Try cinnamon gum or cinnamon hard candy, anytime you get a craving try it. I had to quit smoking when i was pregnant and thats what worked for me


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