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anyone got any experiences of trying hypnotherapy to give up smoking?

im desperate to give up

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4 Responses to “anyone got any experiences of trying hypnotherapy to give up smoking?”

  1. anoldmick said :

    I taught a smoking cessation clinic for about eight years. It was a group therapy sort of thing, and before each class began, I asked the participants how many had tried hypnosis. Almost half had. I asked “Did it seem to help?” Not one said it had, and the total number who answered thusly was around four hundred over those eight years. They all said later on that they thought, given their experiences, that hypnosis is a sham. They were right…

  2. carpal-tunnel-provider said :

    You should try OTC…and combine that with meditation it is unbelievable how these simple techniques will work for patients

  3. IHNT said :

    i smoked for 30 yrs. Never thought i could quit. but i did. i used commit lozenges. ( and prayer)
    i have been smoke free now for 2 yrs and 2 months !

  4. MySearch said :

    My wife did. She tried to stop for a long time as doctor was adamant she should with her family history.

    But she never succeeded until a friend introduced her to hypnotherapy. She’s really impressed by the results. Taking a course now.


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