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my husband refuses to give up smoking cocaine it’s been one our kids are older now what should i do. i pray

you know wedding vows are serious. we have been married 18 years and have 3 daughters. age of girls 19, 14, & 12. to have this continue is not good how do i get him to seek help.

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23 Responses to “my husband refuses to give up smoking cocaine it’s been one our kids are older now what should i do. i pray”

  1. chevy said :

    mom you cant make nobody go to rehab. he has to want it. dont spend the rest of your life wishing you had done something different. dont wait around for him to change.

  2. scotty said :

    leave him the sh!t make people do stupid thing

  3. chrbarley said :

    Pack up your daughters and leave his sorry crack smoking ass. I’m dead serious. Your kids come first.

  4. Carol W said :

    Tell him to get help or leave him.

  5. iwant2fuku2 said :

    leave his sorry azz. why in the hell would u put up with that shi t for 18YRS.. drugs r for losers and losers only. DUMP HIM.

  6. Enigma said :

    smoke cocaine? Is that even possible? And more so… doesn’t that defeat the purpose of cocaine?
    Either way… joint marraige counceling.

  7. shoby_shoby2003 said :

    you need to persuade him to seek proper help to quit his addiction.
    don’t rely on your prayers being answered with a miracle.

  8. xsplodeit said :

    if you have already asked him to stop and he hasnt may be you should kick him out and tell him he cant home until he is clean, or you could go to a drug councellor together..

  9. tweetymay said :

    get tough. tell him that he has to get help to quit this, or you are leaving. Make sure you have a plan such as a place to go, and then if he doesn’t get the help, LEAVE.

    I am going through the same thing with my husband, he smokes pot. We have been married 25 years, I kept thinking he would outgrow this (we were 17 & 18 when we got married), but things have not changed.

    We both need to put our foot down.

  10. aangie781 said :

    sweetie he has to WANT the help.If he dosent want to quit he wont.You cant make him seek help.The only thing you can do is tell him either he chooses you and the family or the drugs.He cant have both.And stick to that.

  11. paki said :

    counseling, if that doesnt work, sorry to say this but call the cops

  12. sugar_plumzz1973 said :

    tell him that the kids shouldnt be exposed to this kind of environment…
    that you suggest that he seeks help for this addiction…due to he loves you and the kids…
    if not…that you might consider leaving due to your girls are more important…and you want a better life for them…then to let them see there dad being a drug addicted loser!

  13. element_dude said :

    show him whats happening, how his habit affects people. do an intervention with all of his close friends, or you can call the cops and have them take care of buisness. if you love him you probably wont call the cops.

  14. Sandy F said :

    You have been married for 18 years, you should have stopped him from doing it in the home many many years ago around the kids. if he refuses to get help for this situation he is going to get busted and weather you smoke it or not your kids will be taken away from you and put into foster homes.. The kids should never ever see this happening. kinda makes people two faced to tell there kids they can’t do this when they are doing it.. do you really want your kids doing as there father does. tell him to get help in stopping or he has to move out of the house for the sake of the kids.

  15. tita3 said :

    Try talking to him. Explain him that his a very bad example for your kids. Furthermore, inform him that what he’s doing is very bad for his health. If he ignores what you’re saying to him, I think the divorce is the best solution. However, if you are still in love him, or do not want to do this, you’re not obligated to. As for your kids, you’d better talk to them about the disadvantages of doing drugs. If they don’t about their father’s habit, tell it to them. It is much better to hear it from you than somebody else.

  16. Bojana said :

    He can only be helped IF he wants help. If not have u acctually measured which is more important: wedding vows or family happiness?

  17. said :

    Tell him he has to quit or you are leaving. Then do it. You should not let your kids be exposed to this kind of behaviour. If he seeks help, wait awhile before going back to see if it sticks. You don’t need to file for divorce until you see if he is going to put you and the kids before the drug.
    Good luck.

  18. giftoflife2006 said :

    baby girl the only thing you can do is to let him change if he wants to change,my mom told me one time you can’t change anyone unless he or she change for him self,god knows he needs help but he needs to ask god to help him out.let him go through it but one day hes going to ask god for help.when hes body get all out of shape and can’t walk or talk or even breath trust he hes’ going to ask for help.just believed in him and most of all god, and let him choose what he want to do.tell him this. is it worth losing your life, kids,me,over something that cant get you or death.just remember baby gril he’s going to ask for help and you only can’t do but so much,but he do ask for help i pary to god he’s time is not up.

    good luck Hun i really hope this works out i will pray for you,email me Hun anytI’me day or not because im a Christian and i know god

  19. Ali.D said :

    Even when we pray about things ,miracles only come when we take action! if he doesn’t want to change you are losing energy on him.Leave the son-of-a-bitch in the gutter where he belongs.Maybe marriage is not his thing!!

  20. Andrew B said :

    Get rid of the fool. If he’s that stupid, to risk his family’s welfare and security, you don’t want him around anyway. Wedding vows are serious, but the Bible says don’t be unequally yoked, too. He’ll probably be bringing some unsavory characters around if he’s into that, and you don’t want some perv mollesting your kids, do you???

  21. Larry & Barbie said :

    It is so addictive that he can not stop without being locked away from it. Get that man to rehab.
    and when he gets out his addict friends will be all over him trying to bring him back to the dark side.
    Leaving him to battle this alone will only result in self deprecation.

  22. ratzusca said :

    Wow! It’s a serious problem. Especially for the kids. U know what’s right or wrong but your kids… They might take him as example. Tough. You have to convince him to accept help. Especially if he loves you all. Remind him of the times he acted right. Remind him that he has 4 girls(including you) that he has to take care. And he’ll not be able if he’s dead. All of you have to tell him that u love him and that u want all that is good for him, that meaning for him to accept help.

  23. lostintheclover said :

    Next time he lights up call the police!

    That should help everyone in this situation!

    He doesn’t have the right to have a family when he does that kind of drug!


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