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can anybody tell me what are the bad effects of smoking and how can anyone give up smoking?

i want to make someone stop to do smoking. i hope u can give me the answer.

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11 Responses to “can anybody tell me what are the bad effects of smoking and how can anyone give up smoking?”

  1. Kitia_98 said :

    lung cancer, respitory ailments, etc. Here’s a really good site about that:

    To stop smoking, there’s gum, the patch, etc. Here’s a really good site about that:

    I will add that it’s really hard to stop for some people and it takes time and committment.

  2. distalbicept said :

    there is no such thing as cancer, that is all bull!! smoking is fine, and if you want more smoke just put your mouth over the tail pipe of your car!! thats the best!! enjoy!

  3. lilly said :

    lol i cant give up smoking when you know how tell me please

  4. Kalypsee said :

    Tobacco smoking is the act of burning the dried leaves of the tobacco plant and inhaling the smoke. The practice was common to many Native American cultures and was introduced to the rest of the world by sailors following European exploration of the Americas. Tobacco smoke contains nicotine, a stimulant which temporarily improves alertness and memory, but also forms a strong physical and psychological chemical dependence (addiction). Medical research has determined that smoking is a major contributing factor towards many health problems, particularly lung cancer, emphysema, and cardiovascular disease. Many countries regulate or restrict tobacco sales and advertising, and many municipalities now ban smoking in a variety of public venues due to health impacts on non-smokers of breathing second-hand smoke

  5. Singapore_Lady said :

    I’ve Been A Smoker Since I Was 12
    Hard To Give Up Until Now
    No Answer For This
    Take Care
    Have Fun

  6. mixed_wolf said :

    well they can die! ok well if you want the person to stop smoking then (stop them from going around friends that smoke)….if they ant around it the may stop….and dont let them buy anymore more smoks….

  7. Khali sucks said :

    One bad effect of smoking is that it will make your genitals taste and smell bad. This is awful if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend because then they will not want to pleasure you that way. You could give up smoking by having sex or finding a non-lethal addiction like porn.

  8. Lonnie P said :

    If it were as easy as someone ‘making’ you quit, I would have done so years ago. However, the smoker must want to quit or it will never happen.

    Once they decide, then there are many ways to go about it. Personally, I have found the most effective way, for me anyway, is ‘cold turkey’ — just stopping and not having a cigarette. Seems to be working so far.

  9. jakkibluu said :

    I just read the coolest article that said that smoking affects the same part of the brain as spending time with a close loved one, and mentally when one quits smoking, they actually have a mourning process along with the phys. withdrawl…it helps one to be aware of this, to help understand why once you quit, you find yourself crying, then wanting a cigarette…and you make up a reason for why you must have been crying, when in fact,….it’s really the addiction doing a number on you,…So you gotta be ready for it,have a good cry, that’s part of it!Just don’t let it get the best of you—-( easier said than done, however as I light one up……it’s working on me, I only read it yesterday!!!)

  10. SUNNY said :

    HA,this is only one way traffic,once you are really into smoking then quitting is really difficult..all the best

  11. jennifersuem said :

    YOU can’t make one stop smoking. THEY have to WANT to quit.

    YOU can arm them with all the data & THEY have to decide if it is for them!

    We have been TRYING for the past 15+ yrs to get my mother-in-law to quit. She TRIED for a week. Needless to say she’s still smoking.


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