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how can I make green tea ice cream w/out an ice cream maker?

How can I make green tea ice cream? I don’t have an ice cream maker available to me but I would really love to make it!

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One Response to “how can I make green tea ice cream w/out an ice cream maker?”

  1. Chanteuse_ar said :

    You’ll have to find some green tea powder. If you can’t find it already ground, buy the best quality green tea you can and run 3 or 4 tablespoons of it through a clean spice or coffee grinder.

    When you’ve gotten the powder as fine as you can, add a few tablespoons of very hot water, milk or cream to it and stir until it becomes a green paste. Once cooled, stir the paste into a pint of good quality softened (but not melted) vanilla ice cream.

    Once well blended, put the mixture back into the freezer until it’s set enough to serve it. You will probably not get the mint green coloured ice cream you see in the restaurant since a lot of that is artificially coloured. A drop of food colouring will fix that if you want the green colour.


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