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How can I use green tea bags in a coffee maker?

My dad was telling me how to make tea using tea bags in a coffee maker, and I wasn’t paying attention, so now I am wondering how I do it. Please help. They are Lipton Green Tea Bags.

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3 Responses to “How can I use green tea bags in a coffee maker?”

  1. Ebony P said :

    Put the tea bags in the part of the coffee maker where the filter would go. Pour your water in, like when making coffee, and set your maker to perculate. Since the tea is bagged, you don’t have to worry about a filter.

  2. robapel4 said :

    Just put the tea bags in the compartment that would normally hold the coffee filter and the coffee. Nothing to it. Since the bags are filters themselves you will not need to put a filter in it.

    Now if you bought loose green tea then you would want to put a filter in it then.

  3. epic_laydown said :

    personally I wouldn’t use a coffee maker to make tea. Simply because the water flows through the tea bag. When making tea, the tea should “steep” in the hot water, then you remove the tea bag. But if you insist, then put the tea bags centered in the coffee carafe part.


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