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How do i convince my parents to let me learn guitar?

I’m doing abrsm piano grade 8 and I’m taking the exam next year, and I really want to learn guitar but my parents just won’t let me. They just want me to finish piano, and i really want to have a guitar and learn guitar and stuff..

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4 Responses to “How do i convince my parents to let me learn guitar?”

  1. Ardrick said:

    Start playing drums they will be very happy when u go back to guitar.

  2. mscherpenberg said:

    Unfortunately, without knowing you or your parents or their reasoning is going to make this hard. Ask yourself why they are objecting. Do you have a history of starting lessons and projects you don’t stick with? How long have you been doing piano? If you only have another year to finish that up then that’s not so bad. Many people start playing guitar in high school or later so it’s not like it is too late if you can’t start this year. Perhaps you could talk about how playing a second instrument would help your piano playing? I don’t know the reason you are taking piano and what your goals are. Is it academic? A career thing? A chance at a scholarship? If I knew more about the situation I could maybe suggest ways that you could point out the benefits. Since I didn’t get that information and you know the answers here maybe you can think about how the 2 can compliment each other and further your understanding of music and make you musically more versatile.

  3. Blood Python Fanatic said:

    Why not both? If you can convince your parents to let you buy a guitar and a music book, you can keep up with your piano lessons and teach yourself guitar. Luckily, it is one of the few instruments that is fairly easy to learn on your own. Once you understand the basics, you can do a Google search for the chords for songs you like.

  4. GARéTT said:

    say you can make better money playing guitar


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