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Which insrument is the easiest to learn? Guitar, violin or piano?

and also, am i too old to learn an instrument?

im 18 btw. i tried learning guitar by myself but i eventually gave up. now im planning to take violin lessons since im very interested in it. i also consider learning piano.

your answers, views and opinions are most welcome.

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4 Responses to “Which insrument is the easiest to learn? Guitar, violin or piano?”

  1. Ruth G said :

    Guitar is easier than the violin or the piano. Maybe you should try again with a teacher, since I assume you already have a guitar.

    Buying a violin or a piano, unless you already these instruments is very costly.

    The violin and the piano require different aptitudes. To play the violin you need to have excellent pitch.

    The guitar requires this as well.

    I think you’ll be fine with a teacher. You can see how it goes and change later to another instrument. Good luck.

  2. rn said :

    No, you aren’t too old. No one is ever too old for music.

    I recommend piano first, it may take a bit long but once you learn piano basics, then you can learn guitar pretty easily.

    Violin is the hardest.

    Good luck.

  3. dirigentkomponist said :

    You are certainly not too old. I have several adult students who are making good progress.

    I would encourage you to pursue whatever instrument interests you the most regardless of difficulty and stick with it until you achieve your goals. Each instrument has its own distinct set of technical challenges that you will need to overcome. Your chances for success are greatly enhanced if there is something (the sound, the role it plays in ensembles, the expressive qualities or all of the above) that speaks to you deeply. It seems that this instrument is the violin in your case.

    What may seem difficult to others may in fact come very easily for you because you have a natural physical, aural and mental capabilities that lend themselves well to a particular instrument. Even if you don’t appear to have those advantages, a good teacher can help you overcome physical obstacles and cultivate your abilities in other areas.

    Yes, the violin can be a struggle, but so can the guitar or piano. The guitar has frets and the piano has keys so you might have fewer pitch problems with them, but the guitar has 6 strings and the piano has a very large range and often requires you to read 2 staves instead of one. I could add to the list, but I think you get the idea… so go for the instrument you most want to learn.

    Let me know if you need a violin as I have many luthier contacts.

    Good luck with your musical study!

  4. ♥Ur_AzN♥ said :

    Violin is one of the most hardest instrument to learn, but if you are interested and have a passion then go for it. But it’s diffucult. Piano…sorta boring for me. I like guitar

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