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How hard is it to learn to play guitar?

Ive had some piano lessons years ago, wasnt very good at it (had to write letters on the keys and under the notes etc.)
Can I be able to learn it by practicing alot or do you really have to have the talent?

Can i start with a electric guitar or do i really have to start with a acoustic guitar?


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10 Responses to “How hard is it to learn to play guitar?”

  1. syd said :

    Depends how good you want to be. If you just want to busk and sing along to a few chords, I could teach you that in about five minutes.
    I’ve been playing for over 20 years, still learning, still practisng and I’ll never be good enough.

  2. [shred] said :

    No its not hard at all unless your a retard like paperfag BAG sorry I meant Paperfag BAG I mean BAG, long story

    Start with an Acoustic hands down get a not cheap but less expensive acoustic and get some guitar chord books. get grounded in a little music theory learn Tabs and learn to read a little 5 line staff traditional sheet music I learned both myself because you cant always get everything in tablature. Take some lessons maybe 3 one hour a week lessons so that if worse comes to worse and in life we always have to prepare for the worst and FAIL but I don’t think that will happen you can call it quits and you are not out a lot of money. However, I know you will succeed and then you can upgrade to an Electric and an amp and after you learn on acoustic every thing comes a whole lot easier.

  3. Peter T said :

    Learning the guitar is easy, its the discipline thats hard. When I started learning it really hurt my fingers and i just felt like i’d never get good, but i worked at it and now everytime i want to learn something new its easier cause i have the experience and discipline to just sit down and spend hours working on something till you get it right. Just don’t set your goals to high at the start (like shredding or solos or pinch harmonics) or you will get demotivated and quit after a while. just take it easy and start low, cause it is a great instrument to learn and get good at.

  4. Hatah said :

    it depends how far u want to get into guitar like if u want to start a band and rock out it takes a fair bit to lern also having a piano exsperiance it help becasue they key system is the same, choosing from eletric and acoustic is all up 2 u acoustic is fun if u want to get into clasical or jazz and every thing else is more eletric so its all up 2 u in how you want to play

  5. paintingj said :

    I would sugggest taking lessons at least for a little while. I tried to learn guitar from a book when I was young but didn’t do very well.

    When I took piano lessons I learned much faster and could actually play!

  6. Maid_Maria1 said :

    It depends on many factors like how much time you’re willing to spend on it, what kind of music you want to play, and what you want to do with your guitar skill.

    I personally prefer playing electric because acoustics have wider necks but I know many people will disagree with me. Acoustics are cheaper and I guess might be easier for a beginner.

    If you’ve had musical training, that will help a great deal.
    Practice is essential. But if you love playing, then practice shouldn’t be a chore. 🙂

    The only big downside I found was it kills your fingers at first but you should start to get calluses pretty soon if you play a lot which means it won’t hurt any more. 🙂

    Most people would advise lessons so you don’t fall into bad habit, but others would disagree. I think lessons are great so you get the basics but you could also teach yourself with a tutoring book if you feel like the extra work.

    I think natural talent towards guitar could give you a head start, some people take to it better than others but give it a go. Remember not to get frustrated when you first start, it does get easier if you persist.

    There are a ton of great websites with guitar tips.
    Good luck. xD

  7. Buck Fush said :

    Well yes, anything worth acheiving takes a lot of hard work and patience. I think you can learn though if you set your mind to it. Practice everyday and get an instructor if you need one. You don’t have to teach yourself just because Jimi Hendrix did. Find your own style and own it. You could start with electric, I did.

  8. S said :

    Its like everything – easy when you know how. I’m quite good, but I’ve played since I was 12 and I am now 18. I don’t play so much now, but I can still play quite complicated stuff once I learn it. I used to practice about 4 hours a day when I first started, just reading tabs on the internet and playing them.

    You can start on either electric or acoustic. I started on electric and didn’t have any problems.

    My advice would be to start learning punk rock, because it’s easiest, getting the tabs of

    If you need help learning to use tabs then ask another question about them or message me.

  9. Deb Van said :

    Learning any instrument takes time and practice. You really have to want to do it.

  10. super43a said :
  11. dimarik-068s said :


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