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Should i learn the piano or the guitar?

I love the sound of both. I have a years experience with the piano, and none with the guitar. We have a piano but it is very untuned and my mother wants to sell it to make more room in our house. My brother quit guitar lessons awhile ago, so i could have his amp/guitar. I would love to learn both but i think that would be kind of hard. I mostly listen to rock music hence the reason i want to learn guitar, but i also want to learn the piano and i have experience with it. So which should i learn?

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4 Responses to “Should i learn the piano or the guitar?”

  1. baby girl said:

    honestly…once u knoe piano…it really wouldnt be that difficult to learn ill go with piano

  2. Wompa said:

    Depending on whether or not you think you may get another piano/keyboard or keep the one you have, It looks like you could practice both, as learning a new instrument will broaden your abilities. If you’re limited to one, it looks like guitar is most promising in my opinion.

  3. Hamburglar said:

    I don’t think it would be that hard to learn both. I know how to play several instruments, including the guitar, so it’s not that hard. Besides, you already know some about the piano so you have a head start. Guitar is easy, if I can learn it anyone can!

  4. Gothic Girl said:

    i would say both since i started out on piano then went to guiar after not playing piano for a few years. and am thinking of going back o piano and it actaully seems easy going back to piano… annd me liking rock and metal (similar to your reason for guitar) i decided on guitar as main… if your mom is deciding to sell the piano and you want to learn [aino, i suggest to get a keyboard of any knd since it is smaller than the one you have. if u have any space in your room or anwhere else then you can put it there and doesnt take up much space


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