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How do i give up smoking when i am always around people that smoke?

I’m 14, and have been smoking for a year. I know it is really bad fro my health, so i want to stop. I have bought the gum on numerous occasions but they haven’t worked. Its allso hard as when i go round to my dads house he is always smoking, so i just go upstairs and secretly have a few. Then when i go into town i have some too as al my mates are usaully having them as well. Telling me not to go into town or be around people tha don’t smoke won’t make a difference cuz i’ll just have them anyway.Smoking on my own doesn’t bother me. If anyone has any advice, could they please help me cuz i really want to give up by the end of the year and never have a craving again =]

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30 Responses to “How do i give up smoking when i am always around people that smoke?”

  1. Bechard said :

    get new friends that arent drugies

  2. lucas g said :

    it’s hard, man. you have to want to quit. you can do it! it just sucks!

  3. polarbearlover7 said :

    You should take this one pill I don’t remember the name but search on

  4. eyelash02 said :

    find new non smoking friends.
    and maybe some that do healthy stuff, like go on hikes,
    and go to the gym…

  5. Marina said :

    how about you stay away from these people and instead of smoking how about eating something else you like. For example a kind of fruit you like, candies, or eating pastries,. etc.

  6. kaybeepgh_29 said :

    Thats a very hard question to answer.. I smoke and tried quitting many many times. I do think that being around people that smoke make it harder for us who are trying to quit.. I think it comes down to willpower and when you are actually ready to quit you’ll do it regardless of who your around. Good luck – you can do it!

  7. Janny said :

    talk to these people or ask one of them to help quit with you. it’ll be a lot easier and healthier for both of you. if it is still difficult ask your doctor to perscribe you medication.

  8. Jamie B said :

    If you TRUELY want to quit smoking..being around them shouldn’t make a difference. Just suck it up. Although..second hand smoke is just as bad. you need to tell your dad and friends to not do it when you’re around because you’re quiting. and if there your true friend, they will respect you and not do it around you. =]

  9. that hot chick said :

    Try having a mind of your own by not doing what everyone else is doing. Everyone else just might die of lung cancer , do you wanna be with that in crowd? Your far too young to be smoking in the first place and your only harming yourself.

  10. War Is Over (If You Want It) said :

    I know what you mean, you stop for a week and you see some one light up and you got to have one.

    I’m not gonna tell you to stop hanging with them because we know you won’t…they’re your friends.

    You really have to force yourself, it’s especially hard for you because of your enviroment.

  11. dong w said :

    Best suggestion i can give you is doing activities that is more addicting than smoking. Like Sports, Video games, Excercise whatever is more addicting to you

  12. yna l said :

    i think it really depends on you, if you really want to quit then i think you can still do it even though you are being surrounded by smokers…

    smoking is really bad for your health, it will shorten your life span…

  13. Alyx W said :

    I personaly have a really close friend-had a really close friend who smoked. After he started we havent been as close and i think your smoking may affect your relationships with people, especially at your age. you probably hear this in health class and from parents and teachers but be a kid have fun. also your going to have a lot of health problems when your older if you keep smoking so do whats best for you and stop

  14. dan d said :

    Gotta stay away from the habit all together and chew plenty of gum. you have to mind over matter it…good luck not easy and twenty plus years later I still get the craving…but it really stinks to smoke and now I know it. Get away clean up andn go back to see what smoking really is.

  15. butterfliesRfree said :

    You can’t tell others to quit smoking — you’re just going to have to be strong …..period. I smoke and would love to WANT to quit — you can do this — I’ve been smoking over 25 years — you can do this…..I can do it once I get my HEAD straight to do it……but I’m just not ready, unfortunately. You can’t control other people and yes, it’s hard but you just have to be stronger.
    Think of it this way (I know….I shouldn’t talk since I smoke but)…..think of it like a child who has a learning disability — they are FORCED to have to work HARDER than most but most of the time, they do it!!!!

  16. Lizzy said :

    you can always ask if they can help you stop and the patches work well (my aunt used to smoke she used to jump up and down on her bed or go and do something that will make you tried pretty fast it worked!).

  17. Kelso! said :

    Well you could ask them nicely to try not to smoke when you are around them. Or get a new habit like i know its not good but like caffeine pop or something.

  18. M&B said :

    I guess there is some part of you that doesn’t want to stop smoking, otherwise you would just stop. When you see people smoking around you, remind yourself that they are giving themselves potentially serious health problems, which could be irreversible. You only have one body, look after it.

  19. Candy C said :

    Fact is, you are going to have cravings. You just have to put them down and say no! If your parents know about it, they can bring you to the doc. There is a new medicine called Chantix that works really well, both my parents took it and quit successfully after smoking for more than 20 years! If that’s not an option, then you have to do it cold turkey and suffer until the cravings go away!

  20. heartzablaze215 said :

    One of the best things you can do is, when you feel the urge to smoke, do something else. I knew one person who every time they wanted to smoke would do 30 sit ups or, if he was in a public place, eat a piece of celery (He carried a bag of celery around with him). It sounds strange, but it got him in shape and it prevented him from smoking.

  21. said :

    There is a new pill that helps with cravings you wont have any.
    Do you parents know? Be honest tell them you have this problem and get help before it’s to late. I just had a father pass away from lung cancer. Not a pretty site. Go to the doctor and get a pill they help I know 5 people who quit because of them
    Good luck!!

  22. vicxtori said :

    Bechard— cigerates arnt drugs IDIOT GOSH….. anyways im 23 and had been smoking since I was 12. I started dating this guy who would complain about the way my hair/breath smelled. finally i got so sick of hearing him B*tch i quit and ive been smoke free for almost a year. i didnt use the patch or gum, i did it on my own free will. you have to want to stop in order to.

  23. just.keep.swimmin! said :

    congrats on wanting to quit!
    just look at them and realize how gross smoking is. just try your hardest. it won’t be easy. hopefully, you will set an example for your friends.
    maybe find some friends who don’t smoke so they can give you moral support.
    good luck!!!!!

  24. Real Grave Digger 74 said :

    you cant

  25. Jess said :

    Ask them not to smoke around u,cause ur tryin to quit.Hang in there!

  26. Lady Di said :

    Finding new friends is usually not an option. Finding a new dad isn’t either! But, if you stay away from your friends, JUST FOR A FEW WEEKS, and politely ask your dad to smoke outside of the house, maybe that would help. Also, keeping a toothpick in your mouth sometimes helps (plastic – wood toothpicks can be harmful)

  27. ♥мιšš♥αиαм♥ said :

    sme ereeeee =S im 13 i hav tryd it av had it bwt 10 tyms but i aint addicteddd i hav stopped now & it woz quite easy 2 quit. i dint tel ma mum tho lol juzt kp urslf away frm dem ppl think abwt the side effects ov smokin & wot dey du 2 ur health . dont buy nonnnn!! ppl juz try & act cool wid a cig in der mouth.u dont need dat shit.gudluck xx

  28. earthlingbob said :

    Quitting smoking requires patience both within yourself (will power) and within others (tolerance). Second-hand smoke is still smoke, if it were coming from marijuana it would still give you a positive for drugs when tested. Giving up cigarettes and hanging around your dad in the same room while he smokes is self-defeating as is your smoker friends. You can still hang around all of the above but tell them what you are trying to accomplish and they should help you by not smoking when you are there are not caring when you go somewhere else when they light up.

  29. andrea.force said :

    Even if no one around you smoked, it would be very difficult to quit. Nicotine is extremely addictive. But if you’re surrounded by smokers when you’re trying to quit, your task is near impossible. Can you imagine an alcoholic hanging out in a bar and not drinking? Or a drug addict dealing, but not using? It just doesn’t happen.

    If you seriously want to quit, you need to get your Dad on your side. But, chances are, Dad’s not in a quitting mood, but maybe he’d be willing to not smoke around you.

    I think you’re going to need some outside help with this. Try talking to the school guidance counselor. Explain the problem to him/her. Maybe he/she can help you approach your father. Maybe when your father sees how serious you are, he’d even consider trying to quit himself.

    You’ll also need to ask your friends not to smoke around you. Or don’t hang out with them when they’re smoking. If they’re not willing to cut you some slack, then they’re really not very good friends.

    And, finally, do use one of the quit smoking aids, whether it’s the gum, the patches or a drug like Zyban. I suggest you discuss this part with a doctor.

    Sorry, hon, no easy answers for this problem.

  30. calgarywhitetrash said :

    Im sure you have heard this before but quiting takes you wanting to quit you have to put the effort to stop quitting you are still young. Im not an expert but hopefully these can help you.

    I found when hanging out with your friends try chewing gum, or doing something to occupy yourself. If they bug you and taunt you with smoking then you should get new friends(honestly)

    you can try diffrent things but what i heard works most is picking up a new hobby like working out.

    im sure there are pills and patches and hypnosis but i think you are way to young.

    try another thing keep track of what you smoke and try to cut that in half, it ghas worked for some people

    but down to the point if you want to quit you need to want to quit,you should have encouragement and treat yourself to something nice hope this helps


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