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what are the methods to allow people to give up smoking?

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5 Responses to “what are the methods to allow people to give up smoking?”

  1. sarah said :

    There is gum, the patch, medication and hypnosis.
    As long as you are really ready to quit.

  2. Moi said :

    YOU have to want to give up smoking.

    No one can Make you give it up.

    Find a new hobby, such as running, cycling, swimming, go to the gym, or anything that keeps your hands busy. Learn to knit 🙂

    If you take the ‘patch’ Do NOT SmoKe as it can be very dangerous to your health. Nicotine patches are what they say they are ‘Nicotine’. So when you smoke on top of the Nicotine you are already getting, you are actually getting twice the dose of Nicotine or more. Not a good idea!!

    The earlier you decide to give it up, the easier it is.

    The more you prolong it, the more difficult it becomes.

    I used to smoke and I’m glad that I gave it up.

    It saves me a lot, a LOT of money 🙂

    Good luck 🙂


    Oh, BTW … in case you didn’t know …

    Nicotine is Poison

  3. JERRABand said :

    The only way that you can really give up smoking is if you truly want to. You can use all the quit-smoking products out there, but won’t have any success unless you have the mental desire to quit.

    In reverse, if you really do want to quit, you won’t have any trouble quitting on your own.

    It’s all about mentality.

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