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I was so sad that my daughter smoke, how can I help her to give up smoking?

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5 Responses to “I was so sad that my daughter smoke, how can I help her to give up smoking?”

  1. Nurse For 20 Years said :

    Unfortunately, no matter you do, she won’t quit until she wants to. Its as simple as that. Ask any ex-smoker.

  2. Daisy said :

    Firstly… a reminder when helping someone quit.

    Keep in mind, when you help someone quit smoking, there are all the stages a smoker goes through before they even make the decision to quit.

    Depending on the person, try not to give blunt advice. Wait until they ask or bring up the subject, such as, “It’s time I quit smoking”, or “I wish there was something to help me quit.” Often they just come out with, “I’m sick of smoking, that’s it, I’m quitting.”

    Remember to give them a little encouragement! 🙂

  3. krystal said :

    be extremely calm dont judge her or anything. tell her that smoking is horrible and you dont want to see your daughter hurting herself in the long run even though it may seem cool now. tell her all the risks stuff like that how it’ll make her fragile and weak when shes older. then tell her you love her and that you want her to stop suggest those places that help you quit smoking.

    the key is to be calm do not accuse her when you talk to her tell her you’re not judging her or anything you’re just trying to help her

  4. Kevin Davis said :

    try explaning your consern for her..

    if she just started smoking then hopefully not ”addicted” yet

    maby throw in some family storied or something about smeone she knows that may convince her to stop.
    ima smoker and honestly i wish i never started. its harder to breath. my appetite is rarely there.
    its a poison really. yet neerly impossable for me to quit. it sucks.

    just talk to her man thats honestly the only thig you can do to try and persuade her to stop!

    good luck!

  5. Sife Willon said :

    (1) to drink 6-8 glasses of water between meals to promote nicotine excreted.
    (2) The daily wash in warm water, shower immediately when smokers can not help but Yu
    (3) 5 of them in smoking cessation to fully rest, life regularly.
    (4) walk outdoors after dinner, take a deep breath 15-30 minutes.
    (5) can not drink stimulating drinks, to drink milk, fresh fruit juice and cereal drinks.
    (6) To try to avoid eating poultry food, fried food, candy and desserts.
    (7) to eat a variety of vitamin B group, can get rid of nicotine nerve stability.


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