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how do i help my best friend to give up smoking weed?

my best friend has been smoking weed since he was 13. he is 25 now how can i help him stop

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7 Responses to “how do i help my best friend to give up smoking weed?”

  1. emoboyzrhot said :

    tell him its legal! there goes the rush

  2. psychologist said :

    Ask him to drink two glass of milk everyday. Voila! His body shall start hating the smell and taste of weeds.

    It’s proved and it’s true. Trust me.

  3. jchocs said :

    Don’t. What’s the problem?

  4. *Amber* said :

    Get him away from the crowd that got him into smoking pot…. I have a 17 yr old cousin who has been smoking that stuff sense she was like 14/15(something like that), and all she does is smoke it everyday and drink; Theres noway I can tell her to stop(I tried); she won’t stop(its like its to cool to stop or something).

    I don’t know how you could help him, unless he is willing to help himself first.

  5. Armando G said :

    Get him some meth!

  6. my357mag94607 said :

    most GOOD jobs require drug testing, and that stays in your system longer than reported. unless your feind is on welfare, he may be interested to know.

  7. Dundee Blue Eyes said :

    Steal his stash and send it to me.


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