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how can i help my boyfriend to give up with smoking?

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10 Responses to “how can i help my boyfriend to give up with smoking?”

  1. AbnormalEgo said :

    you cannot. it must be his choice.

  2. navyhm1983 said :

    You won’t be able to unless he really really wants to quit !!!

  3. tamumd said :

    whenever he lights up- stun gun him

  4. 70 cent said :

    give to me the cigarettes…

  5. doctor feelgood said :

    It’s hard to do but definitely worth the effort! The only thing I can guarantee is that he will wish he never started when he gets older and is coughing and wheezing and having trouble getting boners (if he is even still alive!) This sounds crude but blow jobs can be pretty good rewards if guys get rid of some of their bad habits. Do whatever it takes to help but in the end it will have to be his decision…you can help though! Good luck!

  6. zorro said :

    Just tell him that he is killing you. If he loves you, he will quit immediatley. I know I did for my girlfriend.

  7. dishwasher67 said :

    Tell him if he gives up smoking you will let him shave your head

  8. stfelix777 said :

    Tell him it’s bad for his health and yours (2nd hand smoking)

  9. gruzkovy said :
  10. noobastik84z said :


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