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whats the best way to try and give up smoking weed any help?

smoking it with years to hard to stay off

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10 Responses to “whats the best way to try and give up smoking weed any help?”

  1. ;] said :

    Go To A Counciller. Thel Help You

  2. Young Money said :

    I started smoking cigarettes, probably not the best solution though

  3. Taylor N said :

    just dont smoke its just a dead buring plant putting nasty things in your body and eventually if you keep smokeing your gonna die

  4. Jason said :

    sign yourself into rehab

  5. aniceplace said :

    hang out with people that don’t smoke weed or occupy yourself with work, homework, hobbies, etc. so that you don’t have any time to smoke it. eventually you will forget about it

  6. SG said :

    i smoked everyday for 2 years.
    then i just decided to stop one day.
    it costs too much money.

  7. Andrew L said :

    All of the above except the Cigs

    Checking yourself into rehab and getting professional help is a good first step but equally important is using as much of your own willpower as you can to come off it by keeping yourself too busy to light up.

  8. Alex said :

    get involved with something that will keep you too busy to do it.
    work out

  9. thermalpilot said :

    Have a look at this site, you may find this method helpful.

  10. snin67 said :

    dude its not physically addictive. just try stopping for a few days, and youll see that you dont feel any different. if your bored, go do something with yourself. weed is just gonna make you feel like crap anyways, trust me.

    if you done believe me, just try not smoking for about five days. if you light up again after that, I guarantee you will feel like an idiot and ask yourself why you are getting stoned. try it.

    anyways, its pricey as hell.


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