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How do you start to learn guitar?

I am going to start to learn to play the electric guitar after Christmas (self-teaching). Where can I see the chords or songs to base my learning off of?

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16 Responses to “How do you start to learn guitar?”

  1. PrairieDog said :

    by plucking

  2. Rahul B said :

    U should do a guitar course..

  3. Emily! Panicked At the Disco said :

    Good luck! Cant help you there sorry, but I can wish you good luck teaching yourself.

  4. William C said :

    I’d suggest lessons!! Or stop in a book store!

  5. Ginger H said :

    Get a chord chart and practice until your arm feels broken.
    Good luck.

  6. Nitin J said :

    i will get off at 31 dec 2007

  7. swarnavo ghosal said :

    Hey, I play guitar! Contact me by mail and I’ll show you the basics. But, I would strongly recommend to start with an acoustic to get hang of it! Then get your electric one. If you start with electric there are many handling problems and you wont be satistied with the results! Mail me :- tyson_star06(at)yahoo dot co dot in

  8. kaisergirl said :

    Ok. There are tons of websites with free guitar lessons. Also you should get a beginners book that has chord charts in it ( try or any music store) Have fun!

  9. ynana!!! said :

    get a self teaching book it will show you what to do…

  10. cute.yusra said :

    by playing it

  11. silverfox9605 said :

    Casey…. If you have no prior music training, I suggest you find a qualified guitar instructor. You may be able to teach yourself, but there are things that you just cant learn from a book or on your own. You probably should start with an acoustic then progress to the electric, but that is just a matter of opinion. What is important is that you invest in a guitar that is of good to excellent quality. Please don’t try to learn with one of those k-mart or wal-mart pieces of sh!t. They really fret hard and cause extremely sore fingers, and will do nothing but discourage you from learning.Go to a music shop and pick one out with the help of a professional. Get one that will stay in tune longer than after the first strum on it.

  12. ♫VR Fan♫ said :


  13. I ♥ Nick Jonas said :

    well, i looked on youtube. i looked up videos “learn to play guitar” but i also used a learn to play guitar book.

    but it was easy for me cuz i play violin…..

  14. cconsaul said :

    You will find links to similar questions I have answered. Hopefully they will give you the information you need. If there is something further I can help you with, give me a shout.

  15. chessmaster1018 said :

    To start with you get a teacher, you can get one that comes to your house, or go to a local music store once a week and have lessons, then you learn the name of the strings, you learn how to hold your hands and fingres, and how to hold the guitar, then you deside if you want to use your fingers or a pick……..most self taught people don’t get very far….they learn a few chords and then seem to stop…..I think it’s best if you set a goal….must teachers have a series of books that you go through. If you can’t or don’t want a teacher the next best thing is to take lessons on line or get one of their Cd’s, videos, or DVD’s, some of the Online tutors are pretty good, and some give you free introduction lessons, you have to check them out to see whcih ones do, here are a few to check out : (click on the guitar) learn to play the acoustic guitar.
    These are just a few, see if you can find something that you like, youtube has free guitar lessons, but I haven’t checked these out, so I have no idea if their good or not, well good luck to you, bye !!!!!!!!!!

  16. derived said :

    the internet is your friend .just look up some chord websites or guitar tab websites and you should be good to go


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