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I want to learn to play guitar?

Should I start on accoustic, or electric?
I intend to learn through Youtube, is this good or bad?
What are chords or tabs? What is better?
How much should I spend on a guitar?
Hmm, I thought tabs and chords were two different ways of reading music. (I know powerchords are when you hold down two notes)
So an electric guitar, eh? I just hear a lot that an accoustic is better for beginners. And cheaper. Also, the internet is a bad way to learn?

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4 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar?”

  1. es said :

    You got some good answers. I just want to add one thing- start with an accoustic guitar- less costly because you don’t need an amp, etc. and also, rent one at a music store, if you can. That way, you can decide if you like it before you buy it. Enjoy and good luck.

  2. blackman said :

    i started playing guitar about 4 months ago and i started with acoustic guitar it is a lot cheaper. i dont think that it is best to learn from youtube you should try to get lessons and if you dont have a guitar lesson place near or u dont wanna spend the money then you should rent a video at the store they also have websites that teach u the guitar but you might have to pay for that but i guess if you have nothing else then you should use youtube

  3. Nakayama said :

    Ahh… The common Beginners guitar question on Yahoo answers. I’ll answer your questions step by step, and even give you some pointers.

    Q:Should I start on accoustic, or electric?

    A: Electric. For a couple of reasons actually. One, it’s alot easier to play than an acoustic. Two, it’s quieter so you don’t bug anybody. Three, they’re pretty cheap. And four, You’ll end up on the electric guitar one way or another later on.

    Q:I intend to learn through Youtube, is this good or bad?

    A: EXTREEEEEEMMMEEEELLLYYY BAADDD. I personally HATE online teaching. You might as well put a Steve Vai video and teach someone how to play one of his songs, or how to solo with pentatonic scales, arpeggio scales, e.t.c. Get a teacher. Nuff said.

    Q: What are chords or tabs? What is better?

    A: Chords are a segment of notes combined together to make a harmony. Tabs (Or tablature) is a form of reading guitar music, that corresponds to numbers. They are both different things.

    Q: How much should I spend on a guitar?

    A: I’d roughly suggest around $500. You’d get a really good quality guitar around that price…. Er… Well at least a decent guitar. Money really shouldn’t be an object when buying guitars, because if it sounds good, buy it as I always say. If you can’t afford it however, that’s a different story.

    Couple of Tips:

    1)Learn Standard Notation, not TABS!!! Believe me, done that, been there. I’m a teacher, I should know.

    2) Have fun!! It shouldn’t be a painful experience.

    Hope this helps!


  4. cheerleda55 said :

    -You should most certainly start on an accoustic guitar because…..
    -They’re less costly because you don’t have to buy an
    amp to get good sound from it
    -accoustics tend to be cheaper anyway
    -almost all music uses mostly accoustic guitar, although
    there are some acceptions
    -in many people’s opinions, accoustics sound nicer and are easier to play
    -Learning from Youtube isn’t the best idea, so….
    – if there are any, check your local music store and get
    proffesional guitar lessons from there
    – you can get lessons off of comcast on demand tv if you
    have it
    – get someone that you know that knows how to play to
    teach you
    -try picking up books that teach you how to play and teach
    -if you can’t do any of these, then use Youtube as a last
    -Basically, chords are when you put your fingers on multiple strings to play a note, and tabs are when you create a note by placing one finger on one string to play a note
    -the easier of the two would be tabs, so try starting out
    with them, and after you get really good at playing them move on to chords
    -the ideal price for your first guitar is probably $100- $500

    Hope you enjoy playing!


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