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Where should I start when trying to learn guitar?

I really want to teach myself, NOT get lessons, on how to play guitar. I know the basics, like where the frets are and how to play some chords but I can’t seem to get certain chords down. Does anyone know any good websites that give good online lessons? I’m really getting frustrated and need help!

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7 Responses to “Where should I start when trying to learn guitar?”

  1. DMG said :

    download power tab and it helps alot. and just alot of practice in slow

  2. Dave Z said :

    Chords are useless. (not really, but for the most part). Play some songs that use chords and look at the chord chart on top of the tab.

  3. guitarpicker56 said :

    My recommendations to learn to play the guitar:

    1. Get the book, Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method, Book 1 at your local music store. Inside are instructions on tuning, forming basic chords, and basic music theory with self-teaching exercises.

    2. Get an extensive chord book, one having at least 2,500 chords with associated notation.

    3. Learn the chord progressions, i.e., what chords are associated in each key signature.

    4. Maintain a clean instrument and clean hands while playing.

    5. Treat your guitar better than you would your body because it is fragile and needs to be monitored for correct humidity levels.

    6. Start playing, or jamming, with other guitarists, both seasoned and beginners, when opportunity comes.

    7. Explore other genres of music, such as Country, Blues, Jazz, and Rock. Even the old pop standards are good songs to learn.

    8. Don’t become dependent upon the use of tablature and capos. They both hinder guitar expertise of the fingerboard.

  4. Code Shred said :

    Free Streaming Video Guitar Lessons:

  5. tnatwo14 said :

    Firstly, don’t get frustrated. Don’t worry too much about the chords, chords will come more easily once you have more experience and use them in songs. Most songs however just use power chords which I suppose you know what are, and they are a lot easier.

    If you understand the frets and everything, just look up guitar tabs for songs you want to play. Read them along with the songs, and then play them along with them. You will get good simply by playing more songs and more difficult ones over time, you’ll learn a lot of techniques in playing tabs too. But you have to be patient at first, keep trying the tabs over until you get it right, eventually you will.

    I taught myself a few years ago, and now I can pretty much play any song I feel like learning.

    Some useful sites. – Biggest database of song tabs. – Handy little site with a guitar tuner, and a book of every chord, and scales if you want to learn them. – Some people post instructional videos on certain songs.

    The key is to stick with it, it’ll come more easily to you as you progress. Good luck.

  6. XYZ said :

    I have looked at all of the free sites, youtube videos. etc. but this was the best 40 bucks I ever spent.

  7. Don J MacLean said :

    Definitely stick with it. Some guitar chords can be tricky to learn at first. Keep in mind that there are certain basic chords and barre chords that are used over and over again in many songs. So in other words, you don’t need to learn every single guitar chord. Here is a good guitar chord resource that I use with my guitar students –>
    Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition


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