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How do you train a small dog that will not cooperate when you take him walking?

My dog, Duke, does not cooperate when I take him out for a walk. After a while, he will settle down, but he still walks in around me and gets tangled around my legs. Duke won’t stay sometimes if i ask him to, or sit or settle. All I want to know is this: how do I train him to walk like a well trained dog?

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4 Responses to “How do you train a small dog that will not cooperate when you take him walking?”

  1. *Rock*Girl* said :

    Try some obedience classes. They do wonders!

  2. Great Dane Lady said :

    Hold the top part of the leash in your right hand. Hold the other part of the leash in your left hand giving the dog just enough leash to walk maybe a foot or so ahead of your left side. You really want him to walk by your side. Tell him “Heel”. As he starts to get ahead of you, use your left hand to gently pull back and again tell him “heel” as you pull him back into place at your left side.

  3. Chiclacrosse said :

    Take him to a pet trainer and that should do wonders! Try somewere like petco where they have awesome trainers good luck and congrats

  4. chetco said :

    The easiest methods is to use the Gentle Leader, or Halti harness.
    You can get it at your pet supply, or on line and EBay.
    It has instructions in the package.
    Most of these pictures are on a large dog, but they come is very small sizes too, and cost about $11-$14.


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