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How can I train my dog to be nice to strangers?

My dog is a chiuahua mix and I’ve had her since she was 2 months old. Now she is 4. Well, she is stressing me out with her behavior toward strangers. For people she knows she is the sweetest lovable little dog ever. It’s embarassing whenever I take her out for walks. She acts like she is gonna rip their head off. I can’t take her anywhere except the vet and on walks. Does anyone know how to train my dog to be nice to strangers? Thank you!

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4 Responses to “How can I train my dog to be nice to strangers?”

  1. Gina said :

    How do you feel and act when strangers approach? are you tense or nervous? Correct her AS SOON as the unwanted behaviour starts and get a trainer for her. Could you imagine what people would be saying if you said it was a pitbull you owned and was doing the same thing?

    P.S I love pitbulls and firmly believe its the way they are raised. No Dog no matter how big or small should be allowed to behave in this manner

  2. moomin said :

    the best thing u can do is tel the dog no in a stern voice when yappin or use a shaker with a loud niose to distract the dog. or squirt water. or u can just take to dog classes to get him used to other people

  3. Julie said :

    You have to get a volunteer who will work with you and your dog. Hold your dog & have the volunteer walk in the room without looking at the dog. When someone stares at your dog, he/she may feel frightened. Have the volunteer sit on the couch and start a conversation with the volunteer. If you do this on a regular basis with different volunteers, your dog will get used to people coming and going in your house. If she starts to growl or bark at the volunteer, take her out of the room and put her on the floor. After a while, she/he should ge the hang of how things work in YOUR house, not hers!

  4. MELISSA said :

    It takes time and alot of socialization with many different people, and many different environments. Start off with friends and people that you know.

    She probably feels safe in her environment and that is why she is perceptive to strangers. Taking her out of her environment she is stressed. If you feel stressed or agratvatived the dog will feel it to. You must stay calm at all times.

    Just practice with her, take her to many different friends houses, parks and have your friends practice approaching. You must correct the behavoir by not letting her focus on it. But stepping in front of her and hushing her firmly.


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