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How do you train a dog not to run away?

How do you train a dog not to run way after other people and dogs without a leash. My dog is a chinese shar-pei.

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10 Responses to “How do you train a dog not to run away?”

  1. $arah ! said :

    train it to sit and stay

  2. James S said :

    be very nice to it, then it wont want to run away!!!

  3. Ms. Obvious said :

    You keep it on a leash. It’s for your dog’s own safety.

    Not doing so is usually against the law.

  4. rcmpbllsoup29 said :

    If you put your dog on a run-line in the yard or have an electric fence, they will eventually recognize their boundaries even if they aren’t really there anymore.

  5. Katia V said :

    try to get her to follow you at all times. It’s hard, I know, that’s why I have my dog on a leash most of the time (also b/c in a lot of cities it is dangerous with all the cars and people and all). Just try to get her attention when she starts to look at other things maybe by using a ball, food, something she likes..

  6. Sarita Bonita said :

    if your dog is a male and isn’t neutered, it will calm him down to do so and his hormones won’t freak at the smell of other dogs urging him to run and explore. take it on walks with the leash and when it feels the urge to walk or tug away make sure u tell it “no”. no need for spanking or yelling, if you tell him/her no with “that tone” in your voice and give it a look it will understand. also the sit-stay thing is a good idea reward him with treats when he does the trick -any trick- (if u have any questions on that IM me). thats all i gotta say about that, the best to my knowledge.

  7. Randy G said :

    Training a dog to come on command and to not imediatly run away when let of the lead is a very tricky and long process.
    But with constant training it will work.
    I have owned dogs all my life and i have found that the best way of training a dog to not take off is having its complete attention all the time. Start with working on sit and stays( with a treat that they enjoy)inside the house, getting further and further away from your dog each time. That way the dog realizes that each time you get him/her to sit and stay she will be rewarded, and will also have your full attention. Gradually take your dog into a field that is pretty quiet and not a lot of traffic/dogs/people and dont let the dog of the leash just tell the dog to sit and stay (with hand signals) and drop the leash and do it a couple times until you start to lose its attention.
    Keep doing this and always reward(by petting the dog, or a toy, or even a treat) your dog and tell him/her the they are good dog every time. Eventually you will be able to take the dog wherever you want off or on lead.

  8. Soccer Chick said :

    We have an invisible fence so they will stay in the yard. if thay try to go pass it, it will shock them a little. To get their attention

  9. chihuahualady said :

    you have your dog on a leash! It can not run away if you have direct control n the dog~

  10. Eri Z said :

    train it to sit and stay. If you wanna know how to teach it to sit and stay just reply back to me.

    Try distracting it with a food treat or if your dog is not interested in a food treat then try a favorite toy.

    Good luck!


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