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How can I train my dog to walk around the block?

We just got a dog thats around 9yrs old but she acts really puppie like. She is really bad during walks and just takes off running! I want to train her how to walk properly but without any kind of school. Please tell me the best way to train her!!
My dog is a german sheperd but she is a chow mix too.

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10 Responses to “How can I train my dog to walk around the block?”

  1. Benazir Ieroway [MCRMY] said :

    Get a training leash whenever she even tugs it will pull her back without hurting her but it will set her straight. Go to a petstore and ask for one with her so they can fit it right and give you more tips. Walk her around your house/apartment first, whenever she trys to run pull her back firmly stop and say No. Once you succeed give a her a treat when the walk is over and say Good girl, then keep praising her after walks without treats so she knows she is doing good but doesn’t behave simply for treats.

  2. Tammy2073 said :

    Training your dog to walk on leash can be frustrating for many dog owners. Pulling is one of the biggest problems, learn how to get your dog to walk on leash by watching this video and following the steps in this article.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Things You’ll Need
    1Step OneStart with your dog sitting next to you on leash. make sure you have your dog under control before you attempt walking with your dog. Dogs pull because when they feel the pressure on the leash they will pull away from you. This is called opposition reflex.
    2Step TwoAs you step off, give your dog the command “Let’s go” and start walking. Once your dog starts to pull, let out all the tension in the leash and go in the other direction.
    3Step ThreeWhen your dog gets to the end of the leash you’ll be walking in the other direction. As your dog comes to your side quickly praise your dog and gather up the leash.
    4Step FourIf your dog starts to pull, let out the leash again and go in the other direction.

  3. marshmellows.rulez said :

    well there are these certain kind of collars that if the dog pulls too hard it kind hurts so they dont…it doesnt hurt UNLESS the dog pulls. it cant hurt the dog unless she wants pain or something O.o

    aww i want a puppy 🙁

  4. psprings97 said :

    Put her on a harness, and then she will walk right beside you. They can be purchased for about $10.00 at Wal-Mart. It makes my dog feel special and proud to be such a good walker!

  5. Maggie O said :

    Most assuredly, get the training collar mentioned above- you must be consistant, sh- show praise and expect slight set backs, but yes become the leader of your pack when this is established things will be so much easier to teach

  6. indrajeet d said :

    Let him walk, in usual walk…………….

  7. nosy old lady said :

    I would agree with what Benasir says, this is very good advice, couldn’t give any better myself.
    ps sorry I spelt the other persons name wrong.

  8. Sonshine74 said :

    First go to a pet shop and get a HARNESS and leash. If you want to control the way the dog walks you have to start by showing her whos in control by training. The harness will help keep her from pullin on the leash, and the leash will keep her by your side. I recommend the book, “Cesar’s Way” by
    CESAR MILLAN He’s the expert in Dogs Hope this helps

  9. blueturtle70 said :

    I have a dog too, so i trained mine by walking around a path everyday and don’t change a thing! So everytime your dog walks with you it will remember the same path. If you change the path then your dog will get confuesed. But remember that you just got your dog so she will need to get used to you and you’re ways of living.

  10. Dee Dee said :

    First of all, it is very hard to teach an old dog new tricks. However, it is not impossible in all cases. It doesn’t hurt to try. First of all, you have to buy a good leash. If it is a big powerful dog, some people buy the chokers with the spikes that turn inward on the dog. I personally don’t agree with these (unless there is no other way). The spikes are not sharp. They are rounded. There is also something a called a gentle lead. It looks somewhat like a muzzle (but less snug). It goes around the nose and leads behind the head into a leash. I like this one the best. Use the same leash everyday. Be persistent and let the dog know you are the alpha dog. When you walk her, keep her close to you so you have control of her at all times. Don’t let her drag you (that shows she is in control). Let the dog know that walks are fun and rewarding. Get excited about the walks. When she does good with the leash, and or walking, give her a treat (a healthy treat–cheerios), so she won’t get fat from so many rewards–that is a whole different subject. Also, tell her she is a good dog when she does well. Never, scold her when she does bad, just be persistent and stern with what you are trying to get her to do. Good luck. You have to patient and persistent during this training. Don’t let the dog know you are weak. Trust me, she can sense it.


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