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How do you train a dog to walk next to you off the leash?

How do you train a dog to walk next to you off the leash in like a park or something because whenever i let my Corgi cross off the lead he always runs into the bushes. He does come back if i call him but id rather he walk by my side.

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8 Responses to “How do you train a dog to walk next to you off the leash?”

  1. HandyManOrNot said :

    You have to train him on the leash first, by using the reward system and positive reinforcement. You should get a book on dog training if you’re serious.

  2. Rakurai said :

    There’s various ways of doing this, so firstly you should expect some variety in what people tell you.
    Only going off my own experience, I suggest you train your dog to heel on the lead – teach him to walk next to you on the lead and get him to understand the command heel means he has to stay near you.
    Once you feel confident in that, you can start heel training off lead. It’s probably better to start in smaller spaces when you do, where there are few distractions. Then you just slowly build up and build up until you can take your dog off lead in the middle of a park with dogs here and there, tell him heel and have him remain near to you without running off.

    But just keep in mind, even the best of obediance dogs get distracted sometimes. So if every once in a while he runs off anyway, you shouldn’t be too put off heel training.

  3. OrangeClusters said :

    Well.. you can try a reward system.

    ……….what i done was when its walking next to you on the lead, take it off, with out it knowing then, when he/she goes to walk off (which he/she will) call he/she back, and make sure shes where you took the lead off, give her cuddles and treats!

    Good luck

  4. Sandman44 said :

    You’re going to have to train him by saying heal as you keep the lead taught next to you making him follow beside you rather than forward or behind you.

    Be sure to reward him by saying good boy and give alternate doggy treats and affection. I suggest mostly affection as it goes farther.

    Have him sit as you stop periodically. And stop at corners and have him sit there too.

    When dogs I trained to do this were lead trained for a few weeks, up to a month until I could walk with no lead at all. Their graduation was to sit, stay. And you put your hand out with fingers spread, palm towards them as you say “stay!” As you walk away, stop turn to them and slap the side of your leg and say come. Then they know it is OK to get up and come to you.

    Train them to only go to your right side and walk around you and then sit if necessary.

    Then give them affection & say, “Good Boy, Good boy!” and play with them!

    PS Always use hand signals with voice commands. This way if your unable to speak or your dog goes deaf it works just as well! (It also works well to get thier attention!)

    Good luck hope this helps!

  5. Danny B said :

    start him on the leash first handle in right hand dog next to your left calf once he has done that take it to a big field and try without a leash

  6. COUNTRY--GIRL said :

    I TRAINED MINE BY A LEASH FRIST now they listen to the command we use to control them but ALL dogs explore new turf and don’t care how trained they are you can start in back yard by walking and making the dog as well and alot of verbal commands and have to use the same ones all the time and soon the dog will get it and be able to walk with out a leash.
    This is not wise in public places could get hurt or a dog fight or ran over only do if have complete CONTROL of the dog.

  7. Freddie said :

    sounds like basic training.. try dog-candy

  8. sitnstaydogtraining said :

    I recommend you visit the website I went to when my dog had behavioral issues a while back. It transformed my dog’s behavior. Good Luck!


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