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I want to learn to play guitar, what kind of acoustic guitar is best to start out with?

I was told by someone, that since I’m petite, my hands would be too small to play guitar. However, I would really like to learn and I was wondering what kind of acoustic guitar is best to start with?

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6 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar, what kind of acoustic guitar is best to start out with?”

  1. Joe Shemo from Kokomo said:

    The least expensive would be high on the beginners list. Borrow an acoustic if you can. Then you can see if it’s for you. Start off with nylon strings on a classical acoustic and see if the guitar is for you.

  2. lane p said:

    Try out different guitars to see which one is the most comfortable for you to hold. Solid top guitars have better construction and don’t warp. Fine a guitar with nice tone,the better it sounds the better you will like it. Don’t worry about being petite you will find the chord just takes practice…..enjoy and have fun

  3. Lt. V said:

    I don’t really know the difference between different acoustic guitars, but you could go to a used instrument shop (I go to Music-go-round) and buy a used one. I’ve also seen some small scale acoustic guitars that are about 3/4 the size…

  4. eddiek551 said:

    Get a Yamaha I got one and I am mad at myself for not using it. It’s not that bad of money and I know someone who is really good at guitar and has the same one!

  5. chessmaster1018 said:

    Your hands being small have nothing to do with playing guitar….go on youtube and look at some of the girls playing classical guitar….they have tiny hands and fingers….and one of the most famous of all Segovia had little fat sausage fingers…it’s all in the way you place your hands and fingers, the hand and fingers should be perpendicular to the fingerboard and strings…, and the thumb should be in the middle of the back of the neck……..if you do this you will be able to play anything that you want to play. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t play because your petite….check out the Russian girl on youtube, I wish that I could remember what piece that she was playing…..type in this, and maybe you’ll find her….Russian girl plays classical guitar…..and maybe you’ll see the one that I’m talking about….if not check out all the girls on youtube playing classical the hardest guitar to play because the fingerboard is wide and flat….and they manage quite well. Go to the Guitar Center and try out the acoustic Yamaha’s, they have a decent sound, and an inexpensive price tag….you can get one for around $200.00 – $250.00 that sound very nice for a beginner….you don’t want to spend more then that, you don’t know if you have the ability to play…..not everyone who wants to play has the talent or the patience to put in the time that’s nessasary to play …..this way your not spending a fortune on all that equiment for electric. I recommend an acoustic for all my beginning students….acoustic sounds so much better then an electric….electric only sounds good when you know how to play it….well lots of luck to you, and go for it !!!!!!!!!!

  6. sleed314 said:

    i don’t have any guitar suggestions, but just because you are pettite doesn’t mean you cant play guitar. i’m pettite too, but i learned. your hand size doesn’t really matter much. anyways, so instead of spending a lot of money on lessons, you could do free lessons online. the one i learned on was it is really good, but you don’t need to finish all 11 lessons. just learn the chords, scales, learning to read tabs(this teaches how to do it very good), and other important stuff. then just look up tabs ( tabs are sort of like sheet music) on the song you want to learn. sorry i wrote so much. hope this helped!


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