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Is it better to to learn to play acoustic guitar by lessons or self taught?

i’ve been wanting to play guitar, for a while now & i don’t know if i wanna take lessons or if i should just learn on my own. I was thinking about just going to guitar lessons for the basics, and just learn from there. but iam still not sure.

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5 Responses to “Is it better to to learn to play acoustic guitar by lessons or self taught?”

  1. Jeff said :

    Lessons by far, its hard to motivate yourself to do scales or exercises. But if you know youre paying for something and someone is waiting on you, you’ll push yourself to go. Also, a good instructor will teach you the basics that will help you gain ground on playing but will also keep you interested by teaching you to play a song you like. Most of them do.

  2. Stephen said :

    i took guitar lessons until i learned the chords and scales and from there i quit and taught myself…

    but its always better to go with lessons because professionals can give you feedback on what youre doing wrong and help you to fix any problems you may be having

  3. Kab said :

    To be honest. I can not think of anything that is best self taught.
    I know that many people teach or claim to do without lessons.
    All that I have talked to: Tell me they did get help from a friend or would go to other players and ask for help or suggestions.
    I decided I could do it with just a book. After all I could already read music and play another instrument.
    I got so frustrated after 6 months that I quit. My grandson saw my guitar one day and picked it up and started playing. I ask how he learned?
    He had take classes at the community college.
    I tried to play something for him, and he immediately pointed out some mistakes that I was making, and after 30 minutes I decided I wanted to play again. He helped me about once a week until the community college started classes again.
    We now really enjoy playing alone or together.
    I told my story to the 8 in my guitar class. Every one of them had tried on their own, and found out they needed help.
    Get some live help.

  4. James said :

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