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I got dark lips from smoking. How do I make them look normal again? (Give up smoking is a bad answer)?

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6 Responses to “I got dark lips from smoking. How do I make them look normal again? (Give up smoking is a bad answer)?”

  1. n4il_p0lish2000 said :

    it sounds dumb but exfoliate your lips with a soft brissle tooth brush and tooth paste 2 times a day and even though your a guy use a slightly tinted lip gloss till the color goes away.

  2. polymyxinbsulfates said :

    lipstick. bright fuschia lipstick.
    i mean, you can if you want, or you can scrub your lips with a wet washcloth every morning and evening and put on a lip balm like carmex..something that burns a little, to get rid of the dead skin with the dark color.

  3. MoreThanYou said :

    Why is giving up smoking a bad answer?

  4. caribbeanbabe said :

    I have the same problem. I wear blistex/carmex every single day and it makes my lips look great.

  5. kingj0n said :



    Buy either Blistex Lip Revitalizer or
    ChapStick Overnight Lip Treatment.

    Before going to bed, put that on, and it’ll help with exfoiating it.

    When you wake up wash up etc, while in the shower rub your lips in a circular motion. After you’re done with showering and all that other stuff.. Put Blistex Complete Moisture, it isn’t very shiny and I get compliments on my lips.. From males( = ) and females ( =D ). Girls say I have silky lips and they just want to kiss me and want to feel my lips on their “other” lips.. heh, I guess to much information.

    Try that, I would dab the last one on, not smear it all over lips, just dab dab dab. I don’t want it shiny.

    Hope this helps you.
    Take care



  6. KJ said :

    use a lip exfoaliating cream, and brush your lips with a tooth brush, or scrub with a cloth. Mary Kay has a great one…They also have a lip balm to use afterwards to keep them soft. It’s only like $7.


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