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When did you give up smoking? After finding out you were pregnant or straight away?

I know this is going to make me unpopular with some people on here! But, I am a smoker, well an ex smoker now!

I found out on Sunday afternoon and eventually gave up last night. I know… I should have been more strict with myself about it! But I heard it was better to quit slowly when you find out your pregnant (if it’s unplanned of course) as withdrawal from the nicotine can cause your baby more stress. Anyway, 1 extra day can’t make that much difference seeing as I’m 5 weeks and have been smoking since the start of this pregnancy as I didn’t know I was pregnant. I was on the pill so had no reason to believe I may have been pregnant till I was a week late!

When did you quit? The second you found out, or soon afterwards?

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10 Responses to “When did you give up smoking? After finding out you were pregnant or straight away?”

  1. Momof2 said :

    My Doc advised me that quitting cold turkey would put more stress on the baby…so I started limiting myself and by the time I was 6 weeks prego, I couldn’t stand the thought of smoking. Mainly because of morning sickness!

    Good Luck I know it is hard!

  2. ProudMomof3 said :

    My Dr. told me not to quit. Quitting causes stress and will harm the baby. So I cut back to 5-7 a day. The result. 3 pregnancies, 3 big and healthy babies. All because I listened to my Dr. His advice benefited my children.

  3. cookiesmom said :

    as soon as i SUSPECTED that i was pregnant i quit….all that stress on the baby from quitting cold turkey is a load of crap….your baby isnt addicted to nicotine ~ you are ~ so i dont see how you are stressing the baby…..when i even thought that i might be pregnant i quit smoking ~ cold turkey~ i delivered twin girls who were 5 lbs 10 oz and 6 lbs 14 oz….stress on the baby ~ what a crock

  4. cazh1301 said :

    I gave up straight away when i found out. My situation was the exact same as yours, so shocked when found out i was expecting but had no problems in giving up at all, no cravings, withdrawls or nothing (tho i wasnt exactly a heavy smoker! Congratulations on the unexpected!

  5. Michelle C said :

    I gave up smoking the moment the little strip turned pink. I know some people say it’s safer to wean yourself off slowly, but you will find conflicting opinions about everything.

  6. sammie_7x said :

    i gave up before we started trying for a baby and ill never go back to it again. i was never a heavy smoker and had 2-3 a day sometimes less just to help with stress, but it wasnt hard to give up and id give up anything i had to for my baby. i just cant stand seeing obvious pregnant women who continue smoking. its different if its very early on and you dont know youre pregnant, but i dont agree with anyone who knows theyre pregnant and still smoking, including if youre trying for a baby and still smoking. its not fair on the baby to have their health damaged because of a selfish habit. dont beat yourself up its not like you knew and didnt care about your childs health. good luck.

  7. Canadian girl said :

    I lit a smoke while I waited for my HPT and when I saw the BFP I put it out and never smoked again.
    I was a medium to heavy smoker for 15 years, I agree that the excuse of quitting over time is a load of crap, used by doctors and patients trying to make themselves feel better. My baby is fine and I am fine.

    I admit that I still think about smoking EVERY day and it’s been 6months since my last smoke. It is very difficult but had to be done, no excuses.

    Good luck 🙂

  8. Krispy said :

    I did not quit right away, sadly as soon as I saw the positive test I ran to my cigarettes and lit one up. It took me a while to quit actually. Wihtdrawl from cigarettes made me very very sick and stressed. Doctor did advise me to cut out 1 cigarette every day or 2 so that’s what I did.
    Quitting is the best thing you can do in this day and age. They say by 4 months is optimal.
    I know it’s awful to say but I have known many women who smoked there whole pregnancy and had big healthy babies, and I’ve known non-smokers who had small, or premature babies. My mother smoked with me and as her first baby at 9lbs 22 inches I don’t think the smoking had any effect. However, I have know smokers who had very scary pregnancies which reaffirms that it’s a bad thing in pregnancy.
    Congrats btw

  9. KKingS said :

    I quit as soon as I got a positive on the hpt. I had been smoking a pack/day for over 10 years.

    Apparently, I was 7 weeks at that time (I clearly don’t keep track or remember when I have periods very well…)

    Doesn’t matter how you did it…good job on the quit! Those of us with experience know it is very hard!

  10. Broken Tiger. said :

    I smoked all the way through with my kids and they are very healthy. My kids won’t go near the smokes and they hate it. I am giving it up slowly. But i never quit, i may have cut down for how many i smoked while pregnant but never stopped.


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