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How can one give up smoking after 20 years?

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12 Responses to “How can one give up smoking after 20 years?”

  1. woodbird said :

    By determination only. There is no other way.

  2. kl_quant93 said :

    simple lock yourself in a room and away the key

  3. b said :


  4. a_sexualasianangel said :

    Just quit. You will notice in no time that you feel better, food has more taste, your skin looks better and you don’t smell like an ashtray anymore.

  5. bentworth78 said :

    Smoked that long might as well enjoy the few remaining years of your life

  6. Jim S said :

    you have the power it is in siide of you. you dont need any thing but the will power of your self to get healthier

  7. rockSTAR ! said :

    just stop….my dad smoked for 35 years, on christmas eve he sed to himself “i dont want to smoke ne more” and he has not touched a cigarette in a year and a half. he smells cigarettes or sees cigarettes and feels like throwing up. it is alll psychological !!!!

  8. YingYang said :

    I quit 6 months ago after about 30 yrs.! I’m so happy to have the extra money, not worry about do I have enough, oops forgot them, does my breath stink? What a relief to finally be free of them! I used the patch and then told myself you can have one in a minute when I got a craving. Then in a minute, tell yourself you can have one in a minute. If you keep doing that and get busy with something else, you get past the craving. GOOD LUCK

  9. bluekitty8098 said :

    Quitting smoking is hard, I quite cold turkey when I found out that I was pregnant (I smoked for about eight years), my husband had a harder time (he smoked for seventeen years). He found that the nicorette gum (mint flavor) really has helped, he has also tried the genaric brands of gum but found that they were not as effective and he says that they taste ten times worse. Our home has been completly smoke free for about two months now. I know it doesn’t seem like that long but everyday things get easier for my husband and I know that we are doing the best thing for ourselves as well as our kids. The thing is, it will never work unless you are ready and determined. Best of luck to you.

  10. Angel In Confusion said :

    well its easy… !! if u want 2 do it then u WILL do it inspite of all the obstacles !! u just say u will & do it !! & for help let som1 else support u preferably som1 who wants 2 stop too.. u can make a deal like 4 example each of u payz a hundred $$ for each cigerrate u smoke !! & stick 2 ur determination !! & GOOOOOODLUCKKK !! & remember “impossible is nothing !!”

  11. xihuitl said :

    I have a 8 month old baby, my father in law smokes all day, I try to keep my baby away but we live together. he smokes couple of steps from my door. I hate it , I hate it I HATE IT. I cant understand how a smart, educated man can have such a disgusting habit and not only that how can he not care about his only granddaughter. Her little lungs are forming and very provably she will have breathing problems later on just like all his kids. …. If you can’t find the straight in you find it for some one else is not fare for others that you are poisoning the air. If you truly love someone you would NEVER hurt that person with your smoking. Is all in you heat you can quit is easier than you think. I quit smoking for my husband it wasn’t hard because i love him.

  12. Debbie, Debbie S said :

    I quit, after smoking for over 20 years,so I know it can be done.

    It does take determination.

    One of the easiest ways is to be hypnotized. Your local lung association can tell you who is doing it and where; as well as suggest other ways to try and quit.

    My husband went cold turkey.I don’t think too many people are successful this way.

    One of my sisters swears by Nicorette. She will quit for several days,weeks or even up to a few years,but she always goes back to smoking when she is anxious about something.

    If you are really interested in quitting you will find a way.


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