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How should I learn to play the guitar?

My sister has this acoustic guitar sitting around collecting that she never plays. It’s not super nice, but I’d like to learn to play it. I played violin for four years and was good at that, so I figure it shouldn’t be extremely hard. I want to teach myself. Any advice?

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8 Responses to “How should I learn to play the guitar?”

  1. Xxbaylie711xX said :

    first you need to buy a guitar tuner. you can’t play it when its not in tune.

    try it helped me alot. also learn chords from

    make sure to build up the calasis in you fingers. and don’t stop playing when your fingers hurt. that’s good. my fingers were sore for days before they finally got used to it.

    good luck 🙂
    and remember, it won’t be easy.

    email me for more stuff/questions. i’ve been playing for a while and i have an awesome guitar teacher that could also help. he’s been playing for 24 years.

  2. Kab said :

    I am going to make an exception. I always say “Get a Teacher”
    Go to the music store and get a book on learning to play CLASSICAL guitar. Since you already learned to read music and on a string instrument much of the reading skills are the same.
    Forget the shaping of finger nails that the classical ask you to do.
    After you can get through a book or two look for books on acoustic guitar and learn from them. There are also lots of web sites with material at that stage. I am betting you will do pretty well very fast.
    I am not discouraging getting a teacher, and if you struggle, get one.
    Enjoy the playing, it is a great 1st or 2nd instrument

  3. i'mbeingseriuos said :

    get some tab books and learn the songs you want to. it’s fun…your new instrument has frets so it should be cake and you’ve got good theory grounding i assume. so just learn which notes are which on the guitar and transpose it and speed it up.

  4. Whatsup said :

    ^ like he said. go to a guitar shop or a website like guitar center and search for tablature books of your favorite band. these books will not only show you the frets you need to play but in the intro of the book it will explain what the symbols mean but it will tell you how to perform techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, bends, and all that good stuff.

    they are usually around 20 dollars and will have all the songs from a certain album so that you can master 10 or more songs with one book.

  5. mark said :

    First, If you need to change the strings, do so. 2nd, get a tuner, or online tuner (youtube etc etc), Learn basic chords, G,D,C,F etc. And learn how to strum, plucking,sing along with plucking/strum. After you master those, try to cover simple songs, such Pearl Jam – Last Kiss. 🙂

    Good Luck.

  6. usfixiate said :

    Start with chords so that you can play songs right away.

    Learn these first position chords (you can find them in any cheap chord book):

    G – Em – Am – C – D7

    Practice 4 strums each and try to switch “on the 1 beat.” Keep practicing until you can switch smoothly between all the chords. Leave fingers fretted whenever possible.

    Then go to the library and look at old guitar magazines or books and learn a song that has some or all of those chords in it. Believe it or not, but you can play a lot of songs with those 5 chords.

    Good stuff to start with would be Bob Dylan, Beatles, Nirvana, Green Day, etc.

  7. bladepick said :

    You can use this site while you are learning. ..

    It helps me!

  8. Oli said :

    I all depends what you want to play but as uxfixiate said the most instant gratification comes with playing chords, especially if you can sing as well. Learn simple (first position) chords and strumming patterns first. Then you can move to picking patterns and more difficult chords.

    I think investing in a few lessons at the beginning is always a good idea to avoid picking up wrong habits. Failing that you can get some guitar lessons online (I have some on my site at or raid YouTube, DailyMotion and others for free lessons.


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